Are YOUR beauty gadgets out of date? Experts reveal the warning signs that it\'s time to replace everything from your hairdryer to electric toothbrush

by:HongXing     2020-07-18
Just like the food you eat and the cosmetics in your bag, the appliance is valid as well.
Hair dryers, curlers and straighters all have limited service life, as well as the main body of the shaver, hair remover and plastic toothbrush.
Here, according to industry experts, Femail studies items you can keep for more than a decade, and what you should replace in a few years.
Hair dryer: according to an expert hair stylist, the hair dryer should be replaced every two to seven years.
The length of time depends on the quality of the product and the frequency of use.
If you blow your hair dry every day, it will take nearly two years more than occasional user wear.
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Hair stylist Groff told Self magazine before that there were signs of age around the dryer --
For example, when you plug in a wire or constantly turn it on and off, the wire flashes, then it\'s time to box it up.
When you buy a new hairdryer, the 1875 W is the \"magic number\" of the hairdryer and wants it to keep low heat and high pressure, she added.
Straightener: According to Robert Kowach, education manager, ghd, four years of straightener can be used for about four years.
Like hair dryers, it depends on how much you use them and if they will last longer.
Pierre Haddad stylist Jackie Dev told Femail before the key logo you need to throw the straightener away. A tell-
The story sign of your excessive use of the straighter is that it scratches the plate, or the plate is worn or \"lifted.
The other one is the indicator light flashing, and the fourth one is smooth many times on the hair of the same part.
Curly hair pliers: five to ten years is like hair dryers and straightener, and the duration of the curly hair pliers depends on the number of you using them.
Hair stylist Shami, who has 50 years of experience in the industry, told Forbes that curly-hair pliers last between 500 and 1000 hours.
So if they use 15 minutes a day, they will last 5 to 10 years as long as there are no warning signals such as spark lines.
But it\'s also important to take care of them.
Shami told the publication that if tools were abused and not properly handled, their longevity would be significantly reduced.
Electric Shaver: According to topickmyshaver, 7 years of cheap electric shaver usually lasts for about 12 months, and some packages are faster than they are often used. com.
Others guarantee five to ten years, but they may need a new head or knife every 18 months.
Looking after the razor properly will increase its durability and a high-quality toothbrush should last for seven years: three to five years the average life that most manufacturers offer for electric toothbrushes is 3-
According to Oral B, 5 years, but up to 10 years for many years.
Usually they also have a two-year warranty.
While the main body of many toothbrushes will last for several years, it is important to change the toothbrush head every three to four months --
Same as manual brush.
Depilation: if properly maintained by cleaning the remaining hair on the device, a good depilation for up to 15 years can last for 15 years.
Depilation is a way to remove the hair from the root of the hair.
This means that the hair is growing slower and less rough.
Most are 12-
Monthly warranty as standard.
Most products come with a small brush to help keep them clean, but in the absence of a toothbrush, the toothbrush is a good alternative to cleaning the toothbrush.
EBay\'s shopping experts say replacement parts such as hair remover heads can often be purchased directly from manufacturers --
Because these are often the first parts.
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