are you going to recycle all that? environmental activists sit amongst discarded plastic bottles, old shopping bags and single-use coffee cups in oxford street shut-down

by:HongXing     2020-05-11
They have brought chaos to London in the past few days, while calling for more measures to protect the environment from climate change.
But after being surrounded by bottles and coffee cups in central London, protesters from the extinct insurgency seem less worried about plastic waste.
Plastic tote bags and disposable coffee cups at chain stores spread around bags and blankets at Oxford Circus, as well as separate demonstrations outside Marble Arch and Jeremy Corbyn\'s home in Islington. Single-
The use of plastic has become a huge environmental problem, with about 0. 104 billion tons dumped in nature every year.
It ends mainly in the ocean, posing a serious threat to wildlife, which is believed to be not recovered annually.
Experts say only plastics around the world are recycled, more than half are burned or sent to landfill sites, raising questions about what to do with the bottles and bags left by the campaign for extinction.
A spokesman for the genocide movement said the climate and ecological crisis were the biggest problems.
To solve the problem that mankind once faced, no one can solve it alone.
When a species decides how we want to live on this planet, we have to come together and respond.
Some people used it.
Use plastic on site
It is a big problem to avoid them.
We need fundamental change to provide infrastructure for people to make sustainable choices.
This is the purpose of this rebellion.
Young and old people look for solutions together.
\"While people do a good job of avoiding making garbage, they recycle it when they do.
\"In fact, we heard from the council cleaner at Marble Arch that he only needs to collect one bag of garbage every day, not the usual four bags of garbage.
The plastic campaign of the Post was wonderful.
If you cooperate with the extinct rebellion, we can change the world.
WWF\'s international charity says more than 270 animals are caught in plastic debris and at least 1,000 turtles die each year.
More than 240 animals have been found to swallow plastic, which can kill everything from seabirds to whales by blocking their intestines, leading them to starve to death.
More than 9 million tons of plastic into the ocean every minute
Equivalent to 1. 4 million half-
One liter plastic bottle
This amount may be four times the amount of land.
The protest has entered its fifth day, and several parts of London have been brought to a standstill by blocking the four main routes of the Colu Bridge, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch and Parliament Square. Today Oscar-
The award-winning actress and writer, Mrs. Emma Thompson, took part in the protest at the Oxford Circus and stood on a pink boat to encourage activists to continue their efforts.
The Love star also said: \"We let them down, our planet is in trouble, and we have much less time than we thought.
\"I have seen my own evidence, and I really care a lot about my children and grandchildren, and today I want to stand here with the next generation.
Mrs. Emma had at least one flight from Los Angeles to London this week.
67 tons of CO2, she said she wanted to join the protest earlier but Monday was her 60th birthday.
As activists continue to ignore orders to set up barricades around London, more than 570 protesters have been arrested.
Although the flight was not interrupted, the operation also moved to London Heathrow today, with about 15 young people showing a banner on the sidewalk outside the transport hub: \"Are we the last generation? \'.
Police told protesters that they had protested on property at the airport against a violation of the Constitution and were therefore expected to be arrested. One well-
While holding back tears, the talking boy told Sky News: \"I don\'t want to be the last generation.
I told you that I came here out of love, out of fear, out of courage, that\'s why I came here, and that\'s why I came here.
Another girl said: \"This is about the message that we are trying to convey, that we are most likely the last generation, that our future has been stolen, the life we thought we could live was taken away.
Interior Minister Sagid Jawi has urged police to use \"full force of the law\" against the extinct rebel protesters \".
He said in a statement: \"In recent days, commuters trying to make a living have been unable to go to work and businesses have been disturbed.
\"Emergency rescue vehicles have encountered difficulties in the road network, demonstrations have put pressure on the police, and their job is to solve crimes and protect the public.
\"Let me be clear: I fully condemn any protester who goes beyond the boundaries of the law.
They have no right to bring pain to millions of people trying to live their daily lives.
Illegal acts are never tolerated.
Scotland Yard warned protesters that the unit had a \"strong plan\" and that a large number of officials were ready to respond.
More than 1,000 police officers were deployed every day to handle the protests.
Someone was asked to work 12-
Rest days and leave are canceled but shift time.
The British Meteorological Bureau said the protests put pressure on security in the capital, and police moved away from their \"core local duties.
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