Apple AirPods 2 review – the best earbuds I’ve ever used just got EVEN better

by:HongXing     2020-08-05
Apple has improved AirPods with a number of new features including battery life, wireless charging, and manual charging
Free \"Hey, Lili\" command.
I \'ve been testing AirPods for a week, so is the money worth it?
Of course, they may be the best pair of earbuds you \'ve ever used.
But not all the sunshine and rainbows . . . . . . For uninformed people, Apple AirPods was first launched in 2016 as a pair of wireless earbuds connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth.
This makes sense because Apple scrubbed the headphone jack off the phone from the iPhone 7, which almost made wireless buds a must --have.
After the disclosure, they were satirized by some-just like the previous iPad and iPhone.
A friend compared their design to the plastic toothbrush head and he was not wrong.
But like its siblings, AirPods quickly became a stylish gadget icon and is now coveted by teenagers and adults.
So it\'s not surprising that Apple has updated AirPods 2019 with some attractive new features.
Probably the main upgrade is battery life: due to some improvements built into Apple, the \"talk time\" for each charge will increase by 50%In the H1 processor
Battery life is never a big problem: I\'m in long-
Flights can be shipped even after one year\'s battery runs out-degrading use.
But adding batteries first means they will still be available in the next few years, which is probably the biggest advantage.
That means you don\'t waste your money on two people.
It\'s basically a year\'s product.
Apple also added a pair of hands-
Free \"Hey, Lili\" command.
This allows you to quickly ask Siri for help while working.
I tried it in noisy places and it worked fine, but I don\'t fully believe the idea of shouting commands with headphones in public.
The most useful place I find is to wear them around the house: I can be quick (
No public embarrassment)
While listening to music, check the weather without having to touch anything.
Another big improvement is the optional wireless charging housing.
If you already have AirPods, you can get this case for £ 79 (
In addition to the 159 you originally purchased).
Alternatively, you can purchase the brand new AirPods with a £ 199 wireless charging box.
We all have so many gadgets, and it can be stressful to plug everything in.
So if you\'re angry
Compatible wireless charging board (and most are)
You can then put the AirPods on top and they charge wirelessly. It’s sci-
The Fi is cool, very convenient, and it is better because it can now buy a wireless charging board relatively cheaply.
I have been using Anker PowerWave 7.
5, 33. 99 (
Buy now on Amazon)
But you can get cheaper models for £ 1499 (
Buy now on Amazon).
Wireless chargers are likely to be very common in the future (
Some Starbucks even built them on the table)
So this is a good addition.
Of course, there is a huge elephant in the room.
Apple announced a revolutionary product called AirPower in September 2017.
This is a wireless charging pad that powers three gadgets at the same time: your iPhone, Apple Watch and (eventually)your AirPods.
AirPods have now been upgraded to wireless charging, but AirPower has been officially shut down.
Although Apple listed support for AirPower outside the new airpods box, it announced that the product had died in the last three years like a ferry.
It is very regrettable that I am very disappointed that the new AirPods are made for AirPower for whatever purpose.
On the good side, AirPower is just a bonus for a product that\'s already good, so I\'ll get over it. Probably.
Friends keep asking me to rule on the best headphones you can get, I always say AirPods.
They usually get shocked and talk about the fact that it doesn\'t sound as good as the Sennehisier or the audioctechnica cans.
Of course they are right: AirPods will never sound as good as quality
Headphones, but that\'s not the point.
When it comes to a pair of winning headphones, sound quality is only part of the battle.
The main advantage of Airpod is its unparalleled ease of use.
It takes only a few seconds to pair with your iPhone, and this process will automatically link them to all your other Apple gadgets as well.
If you are listening to music and take out an earbud while talking to someone, your concert is automatically suspended.
When you put the earbuds back, the playback will recover.
For the record, the sound quality of AirPods is very good.
The audio is clean and the volume is large enough.
Although like many earbuds, they struggle in a very noisy environment, just because they are small in size, you won\'t get a lot of bass from them.
AirPods are master classes in design: they look great and work perfectly to make your life easier.
If you switch from regular cable earbuds to AirPods, you will never want to go back.
Even while running, I found that this fit was tight and safe and I never lost it even though I was initially scared.
The battery life is better than ever, and the new wireless charging is very convenient (
Although the upgrade of £ 40 is not available to everyone), and hands-
If you are brave enough to use it, a free Hey Siri is a useful feature.
I have nothing to complain about except the disappearing air charging pad.
AirPods 2 is affordable, retains all the best parts of your beloved original bud and offers some small upgrades to boot.
They may not be worth upgrading from the original AirPods unless (1)
Your old battery is dead. 2)
You\'re a wireless charging fanatic, or (3)
You\'re an Apple-obsessed person.
But for newbies and gadget lovers, I can\'t recommend the new AirPods enough.
Sun says: The Ultimate earbuds for iPhone users, these simple headphonesto-
Love headphones are the easiest way to upgrade your audio game today.
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