an artist\'s visionary plastic bottle sculptures offer a new perspective on garbage

by:HongXing     2020-05-27
From a distance, they are like plants from another planet, with a gem --
Light like texture and rainbow colors.
For many, however, the extraordinary material is just called \"rubbish \".
\"Veronika richterova czech, cactus collection, Photo Michal cihla czech-
Artist Veronika richterova is hoping to change that.
The idea of environmental awareness shares her wisdom with the world, revealing that a little creativity can turn yesterday\'s garbage into tomorrow\'s masterpiece.
Richterova GmbH has been using PET bottles or bottles made of PET since 2004.
These containers can be recycled to reduce the amount of waste in landfill sites and are considered a favorable alternative to aluminum cans and glass bottles.
Due to their light composition, they can be transported efficiently, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.
While they are generally considered safe, exposure to high temperatures can cause some safety issues.
For the beverage carrier, PET bottle is the most sustainable choice, which can be recycled again and again to make materials such as carpet fiber, tee
Shirt fabric or dog bed.
Or the magic cactus sculpture.
\"I was always inspired by being filled with recycling bins, where I found everything I needed,\" Richterova explained to HuffPost . \".
\"The classification of plastic bottles changes very quickly, so it\'s very exciting for me to use new shapes and colors and monitor their design development.
\"Veronika richterova Collection, Collection of Cactuses, Photo Michal cihla, working with her husband, graphic designer Michal cihla teamed, started pets
The art museum collects 3,500 plastic bottles from 96 countries.
The vast reserve tracks the evolution of plastic bottle designs while clarifying their differences and commonalities in different parts of the world.
The artist explained that the museum also exists to \"point out the different possibilities of creative recycling \".
So, how to turn the used Sprite bottle into a Emerald cactus?
\"The principle is very simple;
Each PET bottle has a tendency to become smaller when heated.
However, in my experience, their behavior is often unpredictable due to the different types of bottles with different quality, so it is difficult to adjust the process.
So my work is always full of adventure.
The final sculpture is usually the result of many experiments.
The biggest benefit is that there is a lot of free material everywhere.
I found a special house full of bottles and it was my \"fortune\" where I could go and choose what I wanted to use.
\"Veronika richterova, collection of cactus, Photo Michal cihla, the final work is similar to the wild vegetation that may be found on the other side of the rabbit hole ---
Transparent, smooth, lighting from the inside.
While the ethereal Greens look like something of another planet, they can actually teach us one or two things about our own world, the unexpected beauty lurking in our most unexpected places.
Richterova GmbH is committed to spreading the gospel about her unusual artistic practice, holding seminars and consultations to guide others in an ecological wayfriendly art.
She also hosts a portable exhibition rental that makes good use of the lightweight, easy-to-transport nature of her medium.
\"I realized that I was a recycler since I was a child.
In addition to my academic research, I have been trying the materials I found.
This is my way of expressing, I just want to share the fun of my ideas and creation.
I don\'t want to convey the message of \"saving the Earth\" through this art, but I do want to bring people a new perspective on garbage.
\"Learn more about PET bottles and innovative ways to use them.
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