advantages of induction bottle sealing machine

by:HongXing     2020-05-07
The function of the induction sealing machine is to manufacture caps used to prevent leakage of plastic and glass bottle contents.
The lid is equipped with a foil liner inserted into it, and the bottle is filled and capped in the packaging operation.
The capped bottle runs under the electric waves from the induction cap capping machine.
The process of it working is very simple: a high
The frequency state caused by the sealing head only heats the foil liner.
It then penetrates the cap, and the hot foil layer rapidly melts the polymer coating, which forms a seal with the lip of the bottle.
Some common packaging applications of induction capping machines include internal sealing of ketchup, condiments, water, milk, juice, barbecue sauce, mustard, medicine, coffee cream, etc.
The induction cap sealer has many advantages: it can prevent leakage during handling and storage, prevent air from entering the inside of the bottle, improve the shelf life of the product and improve customer satisfaction.
The cap is used to seal the opening in a variety of ways.
For glass bottles, small round metal pieces with plastic backing are used, while plastic bottles use plastic caps.
The induction bottle sealing machine is produced by many companies.
Because of this, we have caps in various colors and designs.
Usually, they decorate in color with the logo of the beverage brand.
Typically, plastic caps are made of different types of plastic that may be the type of plastic used by the bottle itself.
These hats may not be recycled.
The Advanced Induction capping machine can help you to cover in various ways and in various types of bottles.
You can use them to seal the champagne bottle with a cork, aluminum cap.
After good market research and price comparison, you can buy these machines at competitive prices.
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