advantages of glass containers for food storage

by:HongXing     2020-08-18
At some point in their 50 s, probably after millions of pesky Tupperware parties, mothers were fascinated by a mediocre plastic product.
In 1958, inventor Earl Tupperware sold his company at a high price of £ 16 million to retire for life.
The rest of us are left with something that can spill over the landfill.
Like millions of North Americans, I grew up with Tupperware.
When you store leftovers in plastic most of your adult life, it\'s hard to question whether this is really a good idea.
God has banned mothers from being wrong over the years.
People don\'t value the storage of food, but proper storage is critical to your health.
Most people don\'t know that glass containers are the perfect way to keep food fresh.
Also, you and your family avoid toxins associated with plastic.
Finally, Glass is one of the best materials for recycling, so you can do your part to reduce waste for a cleaner planet.
Users on the Chowhound discussion board conducted a test to compare glass cans and fresher, cheaper rubber containers.
Two food variants were used in the test using a glass jar: Full Strawberry and sliced strawberry.
Even after two weeks, the whole strawberry is fresh in the supermarket in longer containers and glasses.
Berries stored in Rubbermaid range from 7 to 10 days.
In the next trial, the glass jar was the obvious winner.
Despite the market\'s claim that it inhibits mold, nasty mold has been developed in fresher containers with sliced strawberries.
Even after nearly two weeks, the glass jar strawberries were not moldy.
\"Microwave safety\" has proven to be an ironic term.
Usually plastic containers with the \"7\" recycling symbol can filter BPA into food after heating in a microwave or dishwasher.
According to recent research, more than 90% of AmericansS.
Residents have double phenol
A, or BPA in their urine.
Biologists point out that this artificial compound has severely damaged hormones.
In animal studies, it leads to early puberty in mice
Gender changes in fish
FDA and federal agencies are not involved because they are not sure about the safety of BPA.
Anyway, when there are affordable alternatives, it makes no sense to store food in a substance that spreads pollutants.
Advocates of eco-friendly plastics believe that glass production requires more energy, which leads to 40% of environmental waste.
What these statistics do not take into account is that people go through more plastic containers, while glass jars continue indefinitely when handled with care.
Consumerism is the culprit.
There are always some new gimmicks plastic Tupperware products that you need to buy, and it\'s easy to get caught up in thinking of a better product than the previous one.
Glass products are not affected by fashion.
I have mason jars bigger than me in my basement.
Verdict glass jars are more suitable for storing food than plastic containers for multiple reasons.
They haven\'t changed much over the years, which is proof of glass endurance.
If things are going well, why mess it up?
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Consumers like these are interested not just in plastic food containers they will spend their money on, but also in the human and environmental impact of the supply chain that produces those goods.
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