advanced brush from plastic bottles: 16 steps (with pictures)

by:HongXing     2020-05-08
In my recent instructable \"brush with plastic bottle\", I showed how to make a fairly simple brush with a PET plastic bottle strip.
This time I will show how to make a more advanced version.
Although this is a specific design brush in my instructions, you can use this method to produce products of various shapes and models. So let\'s begin.
First, collect your bottle and cut some notes from the bottle.
It took me about 7 1L bottle to finish this project.
Since I\'m using this strap right away, I\'m not going to put it on the spool.
I just left the coils on the flor and applied some weight on the end to prevent them from making sound.
For my project, like this, I made a frame with a straight belt.
Although this is the second modification, it is still a bit weak for the work.
So, if you\'re going to make your own frame, make sure it\'s strong enough because the shrink plastic will exert a lot of force on the structure.
The other piece is the pole mounted on the board.
The frame has two holes that can be mounted on the rod and rotate freely.
The third part has two bottle plugs for keeping the tension on the strap and preventing it from twisting.
When all the parts are assembled, I put the rope through the cork and fixed the end to the frame.
If you don\'t want to do the frame, it\'s just one of your projects and you can use a board or plywood.
So, at this step, the deal is to wrap the tape around the frame.
These cork handles are free to rotate so I can rotate the frame with my hands.
I have been looking at the end of the strap in the process.
I direct the strap in with my left hand so that it is as parallel as possible.
Wrap all the stripes on the frame.
In order to straighten the strip, you must apply heat to it.
It can be done in several ways :-by heatgun-
Soak in boiling water
But I have an old electric sandwich grill so I am using it.
As you can see, I made a framework to install it.
When the grill is heated, I put the frame on one side for half a minute or something, then turn it to the other side and heat it for another half a minute.
After straightening, place the frame for a period of time in order to cool the belt.
It doesn\'t take a long time, but you can dip it in cold water and let it cool faster.
Then cut the tape from the frame.
For shorter bristles cut in the middle, for longer bristles, cut on one side.
Now is the working time of wood.
You need a larger and longer body part, a smaller part to support the bristles.
I recommend plywood for small ones.
I found the blanks in my box that fit the small wood chips and processed them into the required size and shape.
In the smaller part, a series of holes should be made for the bristles.
Mark the holes, position them in the order of the inspector, and drill them out.
Then, take a new piece of wood and repeat the process again.
I recommend plywod.
Along each row of holes, with the help of some random objects, a gap is cut and widened with a blank sheet of paper.
The common bamboo ske should be comfortably placed in the gap, but the gap should be deep enough to accommodate bristles and bamboo ske.
Now start placing a bundle of bristles in the hole.
First, make sure it goes through the hole until the scewer reaches the bottom of the notch.
The bristles ring should be installed very comfortably on the side of the hole and should flash with the surface of the board on the back.
Continue to install the bristles before filling a line.
In the process, I kept a skewer in the loop to make sure they were in the right direction.
When installing bristles, apply some wood glue to the gap.
Then start pulling the ring to the front of the board.
Then take a new piece of wood and repeat the previous steps.
I really recommend plywood.
Make sure the bristles for all rows.
Apply the glue to the back of the rigid sheet and clip it onto the handle to stick it to the glue.
I used all my two clips, one for the accessory and one for the impromptu clip.
When the glue and brush are basically assembled, it is time to make the final molding.
To trim the bristles, clip them between the two woden blocks of the desired length and cut off the excess parts using a sharp and sturdy knife.
I am finishing the brush with some old boiled flax seed oil and I have done it.
A brush like this is perfect for cleaning your workbench, but, as I said, any design can be produced.
But I also want to show the brooms I \'ve made recently.
It\'s a little different.
I drilled a row of 20mm holes in the middle of the block, using U-
I do shape nails with regular nails.
This is another way to make a brush and I think I will cover it when I make another broom.
And, it may be something today, thanks for your attention and for having a good improvisation.
There\'s also my Patreon page in case you want to know.
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