activity of the novel fungicide syp-z048 against plant pathogens

by:HongXing     2020-08-18
In vitro test of 18 plant pathogens, fungicides 3-[5-(4-chlorophenyl)-2,3-dimethyl-3-isoxazolidinyl]pyridine (SYP-Z048)
It is very effective to inhibit the silk growth of various ascomycota and Ardonia, with an EC50 value from 0. 008 to 1. 140u2005μg/ml. SYP-
The growth activity of Z048 to omycota was much weaker, with EC50 value> 100 μg/ml.
In the second in vitro test, SYP-with Monilinia frucicola isolates-
Z048 inhibit the growth of the fungus (EC50 = 0. 013u2005μg/ml)
Extension of Bud tube (EC50 = 0. 007u2005μg/ml)
But it does not affect the germination of spores.
In the fruit test of separated pear inoculation M
Fruit isolates, SYP-
Z048 has protective and therapeutic effects.
Field tests show that SYP-
Z048 is an effective disinfectant to control brown rot in two peach orchards.
When applied to a single spot on a compound leaf Tomato Flyer, SYP-
Z048 inhibited the growth of tomato gripe isolates on the remaining 4 leaflets, indicating that the fungicides have a systematic movement in plant tissue.
These results show that SYP-
Z048 it is possible to manage brown rot caused by M.
Fruit and other diseases caused by Ascomycota and the muscle of the burden.
Potato glucose agar (PDA medium)
Used for routine culture of fungi, containing 200 µg potatoes, 15 µg glucose and 12g agar in 1 µL sterile deionic water.
The medium was sterilized for 20 minutes under high pressure at 121 °c.
Water Agar is used for spore germination and tube elongation tests and contains 12g of Agar in 1 l sterile deionic water without sterilization.
The chemicals were purchased from Syngenta China Ltd. (Beijing).
To reduce variability, all repetitions in each experiment use the same batch of medium.
Fungal Killer SYP-Z048 (84%)
Provided by Shenyang Institute of Chemical Industry of China.
The chemical is dissolved in methanol and diluted to 10 mg/ml as a reserve solution, and stored in the dark at 4 °c to maintain the antimicrobial activity.
For each analysis on a PDA tablet, dilute the reserve solution to the working concentration with sterile deionized water.
In all cases, the final dosage of the solvent has never exceeded 0.
1% of the treated and controlled samples.
Formula for SYP-Z048 (25% Junsiqi EC)
Provided by Shenyang Chemical Company. ,Ltd; fenbuconazole (24% Yingde SC), thiophonate-methyl (
70% Jia Ji Liu Junling WP)and propineb (
70% ice forest New WG)
Purchased from Dow Agricultural Science Co. , Ltd. Jiang sulotam Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Nantong Baoye Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. , respectively.
Activities of SYP-
Z048 was tested for the following plants-
Pathogenic fungi: and.
Culture in Richard\'s liquid medium (10. 0u2005g of KNO, 5. 0u2005g of KHPO, 2.
MgSO 7HO 5g, 0.
02g of FeCl, 30.
0g glucose and 1 l sterile deionized water)at 20°C.
Other fungi were cultured on PDA at 25 °c.
Stock solution for SYP-
Z048 in methanol is continuously diluted in the high-pressure sterilization PDA (
Cool to about 50 °c)
According to the preliminary test, the final concentration is reached (data not show).
PDA plus fungicides were added to the month before solidification-
A Petri dish of Cm diameter with three replication plates per concentration.
The control plate contains PDA without fungal killing agent, but contains methanol of the corresponding concentration (≤0. 1%).
For each of the 18 tested fungi listed, except for a silk plug (5u2005mm)
From the frontier of the colonies that are active in growth on PDA to dishes corrected with 0 as a different concentration of fungicides, the inhibition percentage increased from 10% to 90%.
Cultivate the dishes in the dark at 25 °c.
When the colony on the Control Board (
No fungal killer
75% of the agar surface was covered and the diameter of all colonies of the microbial was measured.
The percentage of radial growth inhibition was calculated.
Three tests were repeated per microbial.
Effect of SYP-
The effect of Z048 not growing on PDA on growth was determined by ELISA plate turbidity method. teliospores (10u2005mg)
Collected from the sick corn, suspended in 10 ml of 0.
03% month is 4 u2005 h Twain.
The centrifuge was suspended at 10 min 4000 min.
Add the granular iron globules to 0.
25% KMnSO solution.
After 25 min, add the sterilized water and then centrifuge again.
Marulized iron globules were immersed in 0.
Before mixing them into Richard\'s medium, the 05 m HCl lasts for 6 µh and is adjusted to about 10 ttelios/ml.
Liquid containing 75 μ l teli spore suspension and 75 μ l SYP-
Z048 of each concentration was added to each hole of the ELISA plate.
Incubation of the plate at 28 °c on the rotating rocking bed (120u2005r/min)
84 hours in the dark
There were 3 wells in the concentration of fungal killing agent per dose, and 2 experiments were carried out.
Transmission ratio and optical density at 60nm (OD)
Measuring the suspension of each well with a microplate reader (Bio-rad model550)
Inhibition was carried out according to the difference in light density between the sterilization treatment and the control.
Median effective concentration (EC)
Calculated by regression percentage suppression (
Probability value of transformation
Numerical value of the concentration of control fungicides (Log conversion).
Regression analysis using Microsoft Excel 2007. Effect of SYP-
As mentioned above, the effect of Z048 on the growth of the separation filament was measured.
The concentration of fungicides was 0 and 0, respectively. 005, 0. 01, 0. 02, 0. 03, and 0. 06u2005mg/l.
After measuring the diameter of the colony, the culture was used to determine SYP-
Spore production Z048.
In the culture of 80% RH and 12-h photoperiod.
After 4 days, the number of wound infections and the diameter of the lesions around the wound were recorded.
The experiment was conducted twice and repeated three times each time.
Each repeat includes 12 vaccinations.
Evaluate the efficacy of SYP-
Z048 for the control of brown rot in the field, fungicides of SYP-Z048 (25% Junsiqi EC)
Finn cloth (24% Yingde SC), thiophonate-methyl (
70% Jia Ji Liu Junling WP)and propineb (
70% ice forest New WG)
Suitable for trees in two orchards.
Three concentrations of SYP-
Z048 was tested (
50,100 and 200g/L)
Compared with fenbuzol and sulfur spray acid
Application of a and p-B at 100, 800 and 16g/L, respectively.
The control treatment is to spray trees with water.
Four treatments were replicated in a random block, and four trees were duplicated at a time.
Before harvesting, run-off treatment was performed on all fungicides with a sprayer for 4 times.
In May 6, May 20, June 4 and June 18, 2013, China\'s Liaoning province processed the \"Golden Deer\" Peach.
, China Shandong province April 29, May 16, May 30 and June 15, 2013 on \"Baifeng\" peach trees were studied with the processing.
When fruit commercial transportation matures, a sample of 150 fruits is randomly harvested from each tree and the total number of sick fruits is counted.
The incidence rate is expressed as the percentage of sick fruit, and the control effect is expressed as: control effect (%)= (1 − A)
× 100, where A = the incidence of fungicides treatment is divided by the average incidence of water application.
In order to study the potential movement and activity of fungicides in the top, horizontal and bear leaf directions, in two experiments, the fungicides were vaccinated on tomato leaves at the same site and at other sites.
In the first experiment, the feather compound leaves (
Five Flyers)
Collection at 3 Leaf locations of tomatoes (Mill cv. Jiabao)
Plants growing in greenhouses.
Rinse the leaves with tap water, air dry, and place them in a plastic box with wet filter paper at the bottom.
The first experiment 10-
μ l containing 0, 500, 1000, or 2000 μg of SYP-
Z048 is applied to the front of the fourth Flyer ().
The box is sealed with clear plastic and at 23 °c,> 80% RH and 12-h photoperiod.
One day after the application, 3-mm-
The diam silk plug extending from the edge of the colony growing active on the PDA is placed on the front of the five flyers.
After 2 days, the colony diameter formed around each plug was recorded.
The experiment was conducted twice and repeated three times each time.
Each replica consists of 10 leaves.
In the second experiment, 10 μ l containing 0, 250, 750, or 16 μg of SYP-
Z048 is applied to the upper or lower skin side of the leaflet.
After 24 hours, the flyer is as described above with 3-mm-
Diam silk plug placed opposite the flyer; i. e.
, When the next skin is treated with a fungal killer, there is a plug on the upper skin.
As described in the previous paragraph, colonies are measured and efficacy is calculated.
The experiment was carried out twice and 30 repeat blades were treated at a time.
Analyze all data using SAS software ver. 8. 0.
At P = 0, Duncan\'s multi-range test determined the difference between the mean values. 05.
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