a village made entirely out plastic bottles is being built in panama

by:HongXing     2020-05-16
Welcome to the plastic bottle village in Panama, where everything is made of plastic bottles-there are no guessing prizes here.
A small team in Panama wants to build houses and other buildings by using these bottles to find uses for the 15,000 bottles discarded by ordinary people throughout their lives.
The price of the Plast Bottle Village in Justin and Jeff katarano is between 104,000 and 208,000 with vegetables and herbal gardens, a yoga
Walking trails and neatly trimmed small
Park for BBQ and outdoor parties.
The PBV, which is still under construction, will cover about 83 acres of the Panama jungle and will have between 90 and 120 homes upon completion.
Using 10,000 to 25,000 bottles per family, Catalanos said, \"nothing is left except your footprints.
Robert bezzo, head of product development for PBV, said: \"We live in what we consume and throw away, re-
Build these waste materials into modern, stylish and quality residential buildings.
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