8 travel essentials you’ll absolutely love in the brand new MINISO store in Dublin

by:HongXing     2020-08-04
Pay attention to all travel mistakes!
When you set out on your trip, it\'s worth organizing.
When you know that you \'ve lined up all the ducks, the pillows on your neck and the electric travel toothbrush are on hand, it makes the whole journey less stressful.
No organization can cost you time and sometimes money.
If you need to pick up last minute stuff at an airport or garage that is overpriced. My new go-
The purchase of travel necessities such as passport holders, storage organizer bags and neck pillows is MINISO.
The Japanese-designed lifestyle brand has just completed the finishing touches of a new store at level 1 of the Jervis mall.
At eleven o\'clock A. M. on Saturday, May 11, the staff had been busy storing various daily necessities on shelves before opening the door to the public.
Aladdin cave in MINISO excites shoppers
Quality, rich color, fashionable and affordable products.
I have listed eight of my favorite travel essentials
Definitely needed for your next trip!
My other half is always on duty on the passport when we travel.
If you have multiple people on your travel team, it would be convenient to have a color coded cover.
Otherwise, you will take the time to try to figure out who the passport belongs.
MINISO has a lot of eyes-
You can choose to capture the cover.
I was the proud owner of their lovely lavender cover and finished the plane details.
If you want to catch some Zs on the fly, the interference of light and passers-by can interfere with your sleep.
Pick up the sleep mask and increase your chances of closing your moutheye mid-flight.
This is super cute.
The soft panda eye mask can certainly do that.
There are some important things to consider when deciding on travel headphones.
They must be comfortable to wear, sound and easy to pack and carry. A pocket-
Friendly price point is also a bonus!
Perhaps the most important trip on my list is the beloved neck pillow.
Trust me, you sleep better on a plane, train or car.
A good neck pillow provides support for the head and neck and is comfortable.
When the packing space is limited, the last thing you want is a big, bulky laundry bag.
Save space and keep all your toiletries with simple and practical laundry bags.
MINISO offers a full range of travel bags-
They even have one specially for shoes!
Don\'t Forget Your Toothbrush!
The trip was very important and back in early 1990 they even named it a TV show (I showed my age ).
I forgot my toothbrush more than once.
This means I have to turn to the free toothbrush you found in the hotel room.
Not that gentle pig bri, more like a miniature yard brush --
Needless to say, my gums are crying for my plastic toothbrush.
Storage bags are genius.
They are perfect for maximizing the space of your suitcase and keeping your case looking neat and tidy.
For convenience, these lightweight bags come with a handle, a strong zip and a mesh compartment.
You can easily navigate around your box and know where all your items are.
All your clothes, shoes, toiletries and accessories will remain independent and convenient at the same time.
When choosing a travel bottle, buy a travel bottle that is convenient to carry and suitable for carrying with you. The portable 8-
MINISO\'s piece-count travel bottle kit includes many different bottles to suit different needs.
The kit also comes with handy gadgets to help you easily transfer liquids, lotions and potions.
If you have an upcoming trip, why not go into MINISO and store all your travel essentials.
If you are one of the first 50 customers to attend the ball on Saturday, May 11, you will be home with a free gift bag full of MINISO gifts.
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