5 Kitchen Essentials

by:HongXing     2019-10-16
Cooking can be a daunting task for many people.Especially when you are a newbie and you don\'t know how to cook eggs.But you know, people need to eat outside, which can be very expensive and can easily ruin your monthly budget.
In addition to some recipes that start cooking and gain confidence, you need to get the right tools because they can make the cooking part easy and help you get good results.
I\'m not saying that the kitchen tools below will bring you the results of Gordon Ramsey in the blink of an eye.I\'m just saying that they will help you get good grades with less stress.
If you\'re going to master the art of perfect omelette ----Do not use dandruff---You needstick surface.

1.Teflon: politetrafluoetileno---What an attractive name--It\'s classic.stick material.It is 100% non-stick.Usually very scratch-resistant, not easy to scrape ----It will depend on the quality of the pot of your choice.The main drawback of this material is that it releases toxic smoke if you let it overheat.
Now, let\'s avoid over-exaggerated information: It\'s basically toxic to birds and it can cause human headaches.Some ongoing investigations have linked these smoke to certain types of cancer, but there is no conclusive evidence yet.
2.Ceramics: it is a safer material, and it is also a 100% non-stick material.Often, ceramic pots are not the most durable ones, but it also depends on the quality of the pots you decide to buy.
3.Porcelain: These pots are notBut they usually need a little bit of oil to \"season\" so you can get the best performance of the pan.
Everyone needs a good cast iron pan in the kitchen.The steak, chicken and fish were delicious.Also, you can start cooking on the stove with cast iron and then finish your meal in the oven without the need to transfer your food to another oven --safe pan.
A cast iron pan will last for decades in your kitchen and it looks like you bought it yesterday.This is an example of resistance.There is no stronger material than cast iron.
The downside is that you have to season this pan in order for it to work properly, but this is a very easy thing to do.

Complete tutorial.
This is the holy grail of lazy cooking.I\'m not even exaggerating.You get the power of the blender and it\'s easier to clean.
The biggest feature is that you can buy a full set of accessories with 3 or even 5 kitchen tools in one.
The best accessories for beginners are manual mixers and food processors.
These two ---Except for the default and mixer---Will make the work in a lot of recipes easy.In addition, it will speed up your cleaning process.
If you separate all the kitchen tools, you can store it in a smaller place.This place is especially suitable for small kitchens.
If you want to take care of your pot and avoid internal scratches at all costs, a set of silicone kitchen tools is a must.
There are a lot of cheap, good quality silicone there and it seems silly that people still cook with metal cutlery.
If a cup, a tablespoon and a teaspoon make no sense to you, please buy a cheap measuring cup before you start making the cheesecake you want to make.
There\'s no point trying to make recipes ----Baking Recipes especially.--There is no proper set of measuring cups.You might eat a bunch of hot stuff in the kitchen and then a frozen pizza.
If you determine this ratio, you will minimize the probability index of a kitchen nightmare.If you don\'t, then don\'t blame it on the recipe.

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