5 different plastic containers for counter displays

by:HongXing     2020-08-11
If you own or manage a retail store, you know that the checkout counter is at the heart of your business.
This is where people seek help and where people consolidate their relationship with you by buying your items.
So your counter display should be clean, eyes-
Grab, uh-organized.
Displaying the purchase of the right plastic container for the counter is essential to create a space where customers are welcome to return again and again.
There are 5 different plastic containers for display at the counter. 1.
Hanging JarsThese is a glass or plastic tank mounted on a vertical surface-
For example, the front of the cashier.
They hung there and looked at the adults and the place where they reached out --in-and-
Grab the level for the children.
These plastic containers for countertop display are easy to refill and will greatly increase your impulse sales. 2.
Tilt the front bakery display cabinet and you can grab the last one of the customers-
Store a clear plastic container filled with donuts, bagels, or other goodies on the shelves, an excellent dessert --
Looks like a pastry.
These plastic containers are made for counter display and can greatly increase your sales. 3.
Multiple barrel countertop racks these racks contain 6, 8, or 10 barrels filled with colored goods.
These barrels are plastic containers for displaying something attractive or useful.
Different kinds of sweets look beautiful in these buckets, but so do all kinds of pencils, small toys, or shiny hardware.
It depends on the impulsive needs of your store and your customers, but these compact shelves keep things attractive and organized. 4.
The layered counter steps show that these are open containers, such as staggered shelves, allowing you to stack items at multiple levels without hiding them at a lower level.
These are ideal for chewing gum, brochures or candy boxes.
These plastic containers for counter display are very popular and can be seen in almost every retail store regardless of the business focus. 5.
Fish bowls look exactly the same as they sound, like round containers of different sizes placed on top of your counter.
You can imagine a goldfish swimming in it, but you can also see a small hand reaching out for penny candy, or a customer taking a look and thinking she needs one --
What\'s in your fish tank?
Before she finished the purchase
You can make these in glass or plastic.
Although the plastic version of the accident is less likely.
They also have a traditional shape, or have a flat side that allows the mouth of the fish tank to tilt towards the customer.
Your counter is at the heart of your business, so it\'s important what you put on it.
No matter what your retail business is, there are plastic containers at the counter display that can meet your needs.
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