3 options for affordable electric toothbrushes (that aren\'t Sonicare)

by:HongXing     2020-07-30
We \'ve all been there: wake up the next day after Christmas and you still have cookie paste on your teeth, and a large chunk of rogue sugar stuck in your molars tooth groove.
But now that you have made all the effort
Earn gift cash for your friends and family and you can\'t afford to be cheated
Scrub off those used electric toothbrushes. pearly whites.
Quote Shannon Sharp from Fox Sports 1: No problem.
Below, we summarize the choice of three electric toothbrushes that will make your wallet happy while keeping your mouth tip --
The Gingerbread Man was cursed.
Be sure to enter the code MERRY15 at checkout to save an extra 15%. 1.
Platinum sonic toothbrush and UV sanitizing charging base with 2 extra brush heads: Smile Shop and bacteria have no chance to platinum sonic toothbrush, it gently scrub your teeth at 40,000 bar per minute.
It has silver, gold and charcoal finishes with three different brushing modes and has a change alert and built-in-in smart timer. For just $49. 99—
A fraction of its value of $259.
You will get platinum sound waves, plus two extra brush heads and an UV base to disinfect the bristles when they are charged.
Platinum sonic toothbrush and UV disinfection charging base-$42.
See details 2 for 50 with promo code MERRY15.
Bristl light therapy plastic toothbrush picture: Bristl scientific treatment of your teeth and gums
Need the TLC of Bristl light therapy plastic toothbrush, when you brush your teeth to kill gums, it will emit blue and red light
Causing bacteria and soothing gums, respectively.
There are two different modes.
Gentle and strong-and a two-
Once your teeth are clean and automatically turn off the minute timer of the brush, the traditional brush cannot be compared.
Worth $99, you can get one today for just $63.
65 when you use the promo code merry15.
Bristl light therapy plastic toothbrush-$63.
75 see details 3 with promo code MERRY15.
Tao cleaning sonic toothbrush and cleaning station Tao cleaning Sonic future cleaning station using UV-
C-Ray evict 99.
9% brush bacteria, keep it dry when not in use.
Pick from two different modes-
Professional and sensitive
And enjoy a fresh and bright smile with 40,000 helpstrokes-per-
One minute clean operation.
Mashable readers is worth $129 and can buy TAO Clean Sonic toothbrush and its cleaning station for just $59.
The code is 50 of merry15.
Amoy sonic toothbrush cleaning station-$59.
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