2,500 plastic bottles are found in the Thames in just one day: Litter pickers also discover thousands of wet wipes that are altering the shape of the shore

by:HongXing     2020-05-05
Garbage pickers found 2,500 plastic bottles a day on the Thames.
Volunteers working for the environmental charity Thames 21 collected mountains of garbage in 11 locations.
By reducing the packaging of the product and making it plastic, most of this garbage can be prevented
Debbie Leach, chief executive, said it would be free if possible.
\"The deposit return system has helped solve the bottle problem in other countries-it\'s time for the British government to take similar actions to save our rivers and seas.
\"Activists-including Prince Charles-support the deposit plan in which customers who return plastic bottles can be reimbursed and plastic can be recycled.
Garbage pickers also highlighted a hidden threat with wipes and cotton swabs.
Wet wipes made of plastic are heavily polluting the Thames.
Along with sanitary towels and deposits, they are said to be changing the shape of the foreshore, with large mounds in some places near Barnes in the Southwest London.
Andrew James mcconwell, of the Thames observation project that conducted the survey, said: \"It is sad that mineral water is the most common plastic bottle we have found, when bottled water is not better for us than the water in the faucet.
We urge Londoners looking to help the Thames use reusable water bottles and ask for more water dispensers around the capital. \'Hugh Fearnley-
A chef and environmental activist, Whittingstall, highlighted plastic food packaging in the bbc TV series \"war with waste\" off last year.
He said: \"The shocking statistics of the Thames watch show that a large number of disposable plastic bottles will eventually flow into our local rivers, which flow thousands of plastic bottles into the sea every day.
If we are going to solve the problem of plastic waste in the ocean, we need to solve it from the source.
\"The bottle storage system is also running in other countries, and we should now pay close attention to the introduction of this system in the UK.
\"The Thames watch project was funded by Tideway, which built a 12-mile\" super \"overflow pipe.
Andy Mitchell, Tideway\'s chief executive, said: \"Every year, there are a large number of wet wipes, sanitary napkins and cotton swabs coming into the river due to sewage spills.
Plastic parts are not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also part of a wider range of micro-plastic problems.
The new Thames ironway tunnel will help to stop this garbage, but it is still crucial for Londoners to stop washing wipes and cotton buds in the toilet.
The government\'s goal is to recycle plastic bottles for about three quarters by this year.
However, according to the council\'s collection of garbage and public bins, the actual number is less than 60.
This means that about 15 million plastic bottles are dumped once a day after they are used.
Millions of people end up being rubbish, destroying the country and threatening wildlife.
Plastic bottles entering the bin are burned or landfill and will take 450 to degrade.
Gavin Paddington, director general of BSDA, said: \"all plastic bottles are 100 recyclable, so there is no good reason to make them eventually garbage.
Soft drinks companies have been fighting against each other.
Over the years, the organization and recovery rate of littering has increased to nearly 60%, but it is clear that more needs to be done.
In some countries, the deposit return system does operate effectively.
However, given that we already have a good partner, DRS may not be very suitable for the UK
Roadside recycling systems have not been established in some countries operated by DRS.
It is worth remembering that DRS does not solve the problem of littering.
If we really want to change people\'s behavior industry, activists and governments need to work together to make all forms of garbage unacceptable and encourage consumers to recycle them forever.
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