10 best electric toothbrushes

by:HongXing     2020-07-27
So you need an electric toothbrush.
Maybe you\'re ready, and whenever you remember, come out of the random powerless model you bought in the store.
Or, maybe you \'ve had the same electric model for years now, and until now, you don\'t want or can\'t break the conventional power.
Well, you have a lot to think about.
The electric toothbrush market has grown rapidly in the past few years.
With more stylish design, new charging technology, new models and new materials, the new wave of toothbrushes has arrived.
If your plastic toothbrush is not built inin two-
30 minute timer
Second interval-
A handy reminder to help you focus on one quadrant of your mouth at a time --
Then you brush it.
However, it should be noted that in order to achieve the best results, each plastic toothbrush needs a new brush head every three months or so.
This is a hidden expense and worth pricing when choosing the best brush for your budget.
There are many things to consider in addition to the budget.
What kind of bristles are?
How much power brush teeth?
How many micro settings? Battery-
Power or charger?
Do you need a pressure sensor?
Is size important?
Also, let\'s face it, you will use this brush twice a day ,(hopefully)
Every day of your life, so it\'s likely to be a defining feature of your bathroom.
Looks good too.
With all this in mind, we first enter the electric toothbrush market to help you understand what you and your teeth need next.
Back in the field of sound, Tao Xingjian raised hygiene to a new level.
Especially the soft bristles, like Goby, have two strength levels and TAO Aura Cleandoesn does not have the power or customisation of a larger brush.
But the difference here is the self in the spirit novel. Cleaning system.
When not in use, first put the brush head into the cleaning station, and then pull out of the station like a sword in the stone when needed. The plugged-in station (
Used as a charger)
Hide an UV lamp that dries the brush head, protects the brush head from splashes, and helps prevent bacterial growth.
Although the base covers the same size as the bottle, it is still light weight
Maybe too light for the space it takes up.
And, as a note to the aesthetic mindedbrubrusher, let us know that the handle of the \"supernova White\" version is actually slightly off-
White in case you go to the clinical competition.
Buy Brooklyn now-
The binding crowd may have seen some subway ads for Quip, a small, stylish battery --
The right electric brush in the Apple store.
Like me, you may not like your toothbrush sitting on the dresser in the bathroom, which is too close to the cliff on the countertop, and the distance from the unwelcome liquid splash, or, god bless someone else\'s toothbrush.
So I appreciate turning Quip\'s case into a thin strip adhesive for a small leather case that you can stick on almost any surface.
I stick my stuff in the shade of the bathroom cabinet, away from danger, and not threatened by any stray liquid.
But due to the slight frame of Quip and AAA-battery-
The feeling of the power engine is that there is not much horsepower under the hood.
Some toothbrushes may require more oomph.
Buy now if you are looking for oomph
Jim Ellis got it for you.
Dentist Ellis was tired of recommending various electric toothbrushes to patients, so he decided to go directly to the manufacturer to design it himself.
The result is a solid,
Very attractive electric brush for the price.
Although it has no more expensive brush boom --
No sensors or special bristles, only three settings-
Its fastest mode is timed at an oscillation speed of up to 40,000 per minute, about 30% more than most brushes.
This \"whitening\" mode is a bit too strong for my sensitive gums, although the \"massage\" setting alternating between 31,000 and 40,000 pulses per minute feels just right.
It\'s not the most beautiful hardware, but it\'s hard for you to find something better.
Swedish design may be the answer if you are looking for fashion.
Founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Foreo has made a new design, design style and hygiene for electric toothbrushes.
This curved Issa model features a rainbow of modern shades, using dozens of silicone bristles that dry faster than the standard brush head, preventing the build-up of bacteria.
You might think that Isa is used to polish the Jeff corns sculpture, which has elastic bristles and sexy shapes.
Still, my teeth and gums are healthy.
Because the higher levels feel like overkill, eight power levels are available.
In fact, although the maximum speed of Isa is only 11,000 pulses per minute, my hands shake more with Isa than with Dr.
Ellis\'s brush has four times its pulsating amount.
Maybe it\'s because with Issa it feels like the whole device is vibrating, not just the brush head.
Anyway, after several meetings, I felt like I was doing some serious cleaning work, even if my teeth were a little sore at first.
Also, for electricity
Foreo says an hour of USB charging will last six months.
Buying now, of course, there\'s a lot to offer for new members of the block, but don\'t think big brands are quietly evolving.
Diamond clean Smart 9300 in Sonicare (Philips brand)
Cadillac Adelaide with electric toothbrush.
It has four modes, three speeds for each mode;
The pressure sensor that lights up when you brush too hard;
A long handle of luxury (
My pearl white and chrome);
There is also an app that can help you manage a strict mouthcare schedule.
Even the charging station looks like a stone glass with a good Scotch whisky.
The attached wall plug enters a roller coaster with a short and heavy glass at the top;
To charge, simply put the toothbrush in the glass and the wireless charge will start.
But toothbrush
Longest review
There is a square bottom which means the device is sticking out of the glass with a pizzalike lean.
I can\'t help but imagine how easy it would be for a stray hand or cat\'s tail to knock the brush out of the charger like a spilled champagne flute.
Still, the number of patterns and speeds is at the top, and the app, while a bit clunky, helps improve my mouth --care routine.
Over the years, I didn\'t know I was brushing my teeth too hard.
Of course, another big player in the electric toothbrush game is Oral-
B powered by Braun
In addition to the Genius 9000 model that looks less elegant than the same price Sonicare 9300 DiamondClean --Oral-
B The plastic looks and feels a little cheaper
The main difference is more substantial. The Sonicare (
And reviews for most other models)
There is a sonic brush head that vibrates quickly to loosen the plaque while the mouth brush head
B has a swinging head that physically rotates back and forth, basically automating the brushing movement.
Which one is more effective for you may depend on your personal preference.
I found it more mechanical to brush my teeth with a swinging head because when I brush my teeth I can feel the motor beating.
In fact, of the five speeds of the Genius 9000, its highest setting is the most critical --
A tense experience.
Nevertheless, many toothbrushes prefer the feel of the oscillating head, as well as the egg hole mouth
B there are a lot to recommend.
First of all, the pressure sensor light is located on the brush handle, which is easier to monitor.
If you want a brushing app, mouth
B more powerful ecosystem-
It even offers news clips, photos and weather reports that you can read thanks to a complementary smartphone holder that can suck
Hold your makeup mirror. (The Bluetooth-
The enabled handle holds the data from the last 30 sessions, so you don\'t have to connect to the app every time you brush. )
Also, if you want your toothbrush to access your phone\'s camera, you can go into location detection mode, which will provide more detailed reports for your brushing habits.
Another entrant in the field of buying the oscillator now is the Goby electric toothbrush, a recently added toothbrush with less fancy features but at a higher price.
There are only two settings, no pressure sensor, Goby can\'t work with the higher-
But this is not necessarily a bad thing.
It is smaller than its competitors, although the full USB charge lasts about two weeks, making Goby a solid center in the field of oscillation.
However, this is the only toothbrush that can\'t stand upright on its own, except for the playful words, so if you want your brush to stand on the countertop, look forward to using the flimsy base.
Now, in a mess of innovation and equipment, electric toothbrushes can also be judged by what it doesn\'t have.
Brio SmartClean does not have pressure gauges, applications, fancy bristles or outstanding designs.
Do you really need these things?
This is a question worth asking, especially when
The cost of the supervisor SmartClean is about the third of Sonicare DiamondClean, and Brio claims that the price of its replacement head is about half that of the big company.
The price of buying Pro 1500 now meets the market standard.
3D clean, decent oscillation, decent rotation and pulsating technology is ready and willing to destroy the plaque, but it is different by meeting very specific needs.
Those who suffer from sensitivity or gum atrophy and those who are sensitive to teeth will find relief with this brush at an affordable price.
It does the job with minimal effort through a pressure sensor that protects those with oral conditions.
Buy immediately health awareness that happens to be limited by the smallest budget.
It\'s not premium, but it does provide everything you need for a basic electric toothbrush.
It is also equipped with a neat automatic Two
Remind you not to brush the timer more than minutes.
Where the price is higher, oscillation and plaque removal will leave a lot of unsatisfactory places, but at $25 you will be surprised by the quality.
Do you still want a Bluetooth?
Enable devices in your life?
Do you need another app to manage, update, and stare?
How much power and customisation do you really need a toothbrush?
Most people don\'t need that much horsepower. standard built-
In the timer, even in the morning groggy, I was enough to make me more aware of my brushing habits.
Similarly, I would not like to put my toothbrush in an unprotected place, bare in the quasi-star of an unwelcome infectious tool.
So, naughty field cleaning, its sanitary system, soft bristles and convenient charging are the new brushes you need.
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