sainsbury’s will pay you 5p for every plastic bottle or drinks can you recycle – but it’s not at all stores

by:HongXing     2020-05-24
Sainsbury\'s will pay 5 p for every plastic bottle or beverage can you recycle in the store.
As part of a plan to roll out to more stores this year, the supermarket launched its first reverse vending machine.
The customer puts bottles of any size into the machine, up to three liters, aluminum cans, and the Machine will print out a voucher that can be consumed in the store.
Each item you recycle is worth 5 p and you can return up to 500 items in any one recycling.
If you recycle up to 500 bottles per transaction, then you will receive a coupon worth £ 25.
The idea behind the deposit return plan is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottles.
This is not the first store to try a deposit return plan.
Iceland launched a trial in last May to pay customers 10 p worth of coupons for each item recovered.
At the same time, Morrisons also started piloting the program in 2018, giving shoppers 100 \"more\" loyalty points for every 20 bottles recycled, worth 1
But you need to earn 5,000 points before you get the Morrisons coupon.
Sainsbury\'s machines only accept bottles and jars of brands sold in the store, such as Sainsbury\'s own --brands, Coca-
Even if you buy Coke or Ribena in a competitor\'s supermarket.
However, it will not recycle items it does not sell, such as Tesco\'s own --
Brand squeeze or Morrison\'s own --brand cola. An eagle-
Eye-drop shoppers found the reverse vending machine in the supermarket on Lincoln Trenton Road and posted it on Facebook.
So far, this is the only one with a branch, but a spokesperson told The Sun that it plans to promote the machine to four more stores in the coming weeks.
It then hopes to expand the trial to more supermarkets and convenience stores for the rest of the year
But it won\'t tell us which store is next.
Judith Batchelar, Sainsbury brand director, said: \"We are pleased to provide a new way to help our customers recycle their garbage while saving on store expenses.
\"This is the latest in a series of actions taken by supermarkets to get rid of non-communicable diseases.
Reusable plastic in the store
Earlier this week, Sainsbury\'s became the first supermarket to completely destroy plastic bags in all stores, including those used for fresh fruits and vegetables.
Shoppers will be able to bring their own luggage or re-purchase by September
Available bag made of recycled material, remove 489 tons of plastic from use.
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