m&s launches £20 school uniform - made from recycled plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-26
School uniforms made of recycled plastic bottles will be sold in Marks & Spencer.
The bottle is chopped, melted and turned into yarn before it is made into cloth.
This is the first time in the UK to sell a series of clothes made of plastic.
Competitor Bhs responded to the news by announcing that it will also provide school uniforms partially made from recycled bottles.
M & S believes the move reinforces a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint and the amount of plastic packaging that is ultimately dumped in landfill sites.
The company recently announced a trial plan to charge plastic bags 5 p per time in Northern Ireland, which is likely to expand to other parts of the country.
It is also developing in the direction of packaging. the packaging can be compost and the decay rate is relatively fast.
School uniforms are ideal for clothing made of recycled materials, because they have a relatively short life span, because children grow up from school uniforms quickly and are under a lot of pressure on the playground.
The first item in the M & S series is a skirt, trousers and wool for £ 7 each.
They are made entirely of bottles and will be available in 20 stores across the country in August.
There is also a white polo shirt, which starts at 3 and is made from recycled polyester mixed with cotton.
The fabric is made in Taiwan, which is the pioneer of the technology, and the clothing is made in Bangladesh.
Julian Kilmartin, director of M & S men\'s and boyswear, said: \"We have been looking for the most innovative ways to give our customers the best value and the highest quality school uniform on the street.
\"Using recycled polyester is another way we do this.
You get the same M & S quality as all of our school uniforms, but you are also doing your part for the environment.
A spokesman said that while the clothes are made of plastic, they are no different from any product made of polyester, which is subject to strict fire safety tests.
Bhs clothing is a mixture of recycled plastic and cotton.
The collection includes 3 pounds polo shirts. 50;
Shirts and shirts from £ 5;
Pants from 7;
From £ 7.
It takes ten bottles to make a Bhs green wool.
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