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Bianca London is published for the Daily Mail: EDT 11: 41, October 3, 2013 | update: EDT 13: 29, women who admitted using them in October 3, 2013 --
A little-known fact is that they are the fifth electric household appliances, following sewing machines, fans, kettles and toasters.
The vibrator, however, is still a taboo topic.
What\'s worse, with a trip
Especially on these days with only hand luggage.
It is possible to turn into a humiliating nightmare (ask Tulisa Contostavlos, who was stopped at airport security because of the \"thing\" vibration in her bag.
But one company thinks they have an answer.
Lovehoney has unveiled the Tingletip-a discreet £9.
99 gadgets mounted directly on an electric toothbrush.
The device is designed to fit on your electric toothbrush and it says it\'s designed to work with all Braun Oral-
B. The electric toothbrush uses the vibration of the brush to turn the covered tip into a cliffhanger.
Manufacturer Lovehoney described this interesting device on their website, calling it a \"breakthrough in electric toothbrush technology \".
Unlike anything else on the market, they say, Tingting can be placed directly on your electric toothbrush (rather than on it), producing a climax vibration from start to finish.
When it comes to the device, expert Tracey Cox said: \"They are actually better and more powerful than they seem.
\"Also, for women who are embarrassed by traveling with traditional vibrators, this is an ideal option in case their bags are searched.
Many vibrators designed to look like other everyday gadgets are very weak, and this vibrators can do the job.
It\'s not as silly as it looks!
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