The Quest for the Best Electric Toothbrush

by:HongXing     2020-08-03
Hundreds of years ago, a pile of pig hair was glued to a stick from popular mechanical equipment and rubbed on his teeth. Five (or so)
A few decades ago, someone put a battery in the pig stle.
Hold the cylinder against it and rub it against his teeth.
Now, our toothbrushes have timers, Bluetooth chips, companion apps, and replacement heads that are sent directly to your home.
I explored these evolved tooth cleaners and my mouth was treated the best in oscillation and vibrating tooth care.
Which one is the best?
The answer is not that simple because the best thing for you \"will depend on this person \".
Matthew Messina, dentist and consumer consultant at the American Dental Association.
\"Humans still have to guide the head and bristles of the toothbrush through all the surfaces of the teeth,\" he explained . \".
\"We don\'t know how to move it. A mechanical [electric]
Toothbrush works-
Just use it.
\"But at the beginning, these four brushes represent the best dental hardware you can buy.
Price: $288 DiamondClean Smart is among the best in the Sonicare electric toothbrush range.
Toothbrush works with an app that tells you where to brush your teeth less and where you put too much pressure.
But it was mostly distracting, and the brush gave me a practical brushing experience similar to the basic model.
A head shaking violently
Vibration in C
The teeth and gums vibrate as I move around my mouth.
Like many other models, 30-
The second timer reminds me when I move the image.
If you would like to come here, the diamonds are nice.
Looks good, charging in a humble glass (
The company says the battery will last for three weeks.
There are five brushing patterns.
It has two buttons that are improved than the normal DiamondClean, and its single button is both an on/off switch and a way to change the mode, but the mode itself is not very necessary, Messina said.
\"Individual settings-
\"I don\'t know if this is so important,\" he said . \".
\"As long as you pay attention to what you are doing.
\"So if you don\'t need a bunch of modes or phone calls to tell you how to brush, the Sonicare 2 series ($40)or 3 Series ($60)
Two of them-
Minutes timer for equal brush.
Although their battery is NiMH, not lithium.
Like diamonds, they will last two weeks.
Price: $157, like Sonicare, Oral-
Genius Pro from B is connected to an app that helps you brush your teeth evenly.
But the toothbrush is different, mainly because of the mouth
The head of B is swinging, not vibrating.
The company says the brush has a \"spin pulse technology\", but that means the brush rotates very quickly.
The main problem with the brush design is that there is no brush hood, which is probably the counterparty to the people we hate the bacteria the most.
Nevertheless, this is a fairly small problem in terms of the problem.
But the bigger problem comes from the digital side.
Unlike the Sonicare app, Oral-
B\'s app requires you to hold your phone directly in front of you like a mirror.
The toothbrush has a mirror.
It is mounted on the bracket, but it is very eye-catching.
Fortunately, the app
Like Sonicare.
It\'s redundant.
Things get better once you ignore this app.
Although I can\'t imagine myself using any of the other modes besides the standard cleaning mode, these are different enough.
Like many electric toothbrush models, there are too many choices and it feels too complicated.
\"We don\'t want to use it as a floor sander,\" said Messina . \".
Like Sonicare, all you need is a speed (maybe two)
There\'s also a timer that lets you brush your entire mouth evenly.
If you want a name
Brand Guarantee, but you are obsessed with speaking
B\'s brush head lineup, spoken English-
B Pro 3000 is a good choice.
Like the low-end model of Sonicare, it has a smaller battery, but there are three cleaning modes, a subdivision timer and a pressure sensor
There is a good bonus at its price ($60)-
There\'s nothing to laugh. Price: $60 (
$6 per brush every three months)
Benjamin Goldberg, founder of Goby, created the toothbrush, hoping to bring electric brushing to the public.
He fulfilled his promise.
Goby is cheaper than Oral-
B. brush, but it also seems to work well, and its oscillating brush head rotates comfortably on the teeth and gums.
Also, this is a good one.
Goby has five different colors with a satisfying minimalist single
Button and equipped with a charging base/stand separate from the micro batteryUSB base. Like the lower-
End Sonicare and Oral-
Model B, each full battery should last for two weeks.
\"Our new charging system allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of electric toothbrushes without winding ugly charging wires through the bathroom,\" Goldberg said.
You can sign it too.
Sign up for a brush head subscription service to provide a new brush head to your home every three months --
The service life of the brush head recommended by the dentist.
If you prefer vibrating bristles instead of oscillating bristles and you need to subscribe to prevent you from using the same brush head for a few months (if not years)
Finally, the Brio Smartclean sonic toothbrush may fit you.
It has six.
For a week of battery life, you can register to deliver a $10 brush head every two, three or six months --
This is a good choice. Price: $45 (
$5 per brush every three months)
Like Goby, there is only one place where Quip brush heads can be bought --
Directly from Quip (
Also available in the subscription plan)
There is also a timer.
But most of the similarities are there.
Quip CEO Simon Enver said: \"The idea of Quip is to create a product that has the simplicity and accessibility of a much-loved manual toothbrush
Dentists recommend picking the boot function from an electric car.
\"The result is a toothbrush powered by a normal battery (
So no need for charger)
, Which makes Quip a great choice as your teeth
Friendly travel companions.
It retains all the advantages of an electric toothbrush, but eliminates a lot of volume.
But the biggest problem is that it is rather weak.
I can hardly feel the vibration compared to other models.
Although the brush head itself is comfortable-
Soft and comfortable bristles
It may be an ordinary, old one. Old brush.
But I want to love this playful because it\'s good-looking brush.
In fact, the brush looks so good.
Something worth having more than bacteria.
My mouth was covered.
Unfortunately, it looks like it\'s only so far, so Quip will be handy to fit in my travel bag.
If this is a rechargeable battery you need it to meet your travel needs, almost any rechargeable brush with long battery life is OK, but those with suitcases --
Mainly suitable for high-end modelsare ideal.
Philips Sonicare Diamondclean (
Smart and stupid version)and Oral-
The case carried by the B. Genius Pro 8000 also doubles as an induction charger.
Price: $6, \"you can do a very effective job with a manual toothbrush,\" said Messina . \".
According to ADA, like an plastic toothbrush, it is crucial to brush for two minutes.
Also like electric toothbrushes, manual toothbrushes must have soft bristles and brush heads that fit the size of your mouth.
While all brushes have great advantages, they also have a common flaw --filth.
It is difficult to keep things clean for cleaning, especially when cleaning involves water.
Regardless of the color, all the brushes I tried get dirty over time, especially Sonicare, and its structure is impressive --
There is mildew between the brush head and the handle.
My dream toothbrush is painted with a non-toxic Rustoleum\'s Neverwet, a magical drain coating that allows the water to jump off the surface.
But before that, all of this was okay.
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