the oral-b genius x uses artificial intelligence to improve brushing: but does anyone really need a £340 electric toothbrush when one costing £6 will do the same job?

by:HongXing     2020-08-09
Artificial intelligence that can predict your every move
Technology sensors, flashing color light andbuilt charger.
No, this is not the latest sports car designed by Silicon Valley wizards.
This is the latest-singing, all-
for dance-mouth-
B Genius X-it uses the same technology as driverless cars and robots that diagnose diseases.
Manufacturers claim that this gadget can give users a new understanding of their brushing habits and even reduce the pressure on each tooth.
Oh, and it takes one eye. watering £340.
Some might say it\'s worth the price for an impeccable Hollywood smile.
But are those fancy things really necessary?
Are we looking after our teeth?
The shape of teeth in this country is much better than it was 50 years ago.
At the first national dental survey in 1968, poor dental hygiene was common.
Even among those in their thirties, five people had badly rotted and their teeth had fallen.
Today, only six of the British have no natural teeth.
More information about inventions such as dental hygiene, regular brushing of teeth, fluoride toothpaste and dental floss are all considered to be the reason.
But, nevertheless, as recommended by the dentist, one of the three Britons still does not brush twice a day.
According to the British Ministry of Public Health, tooth extraction is still the most common hospital operation in six months. to-ten-year-olds.
The frequency of brushing teeth is not the only problem, experts say-people don\'t know how to clean teeth properly.
According to a YouGov 2017 poll, more than three
Some British do not use dentists.
Recommended technique: brush each tooth gently and clean it along the gum line.
According to the Oral Health Foundation, the average time for Britons to brush their teeth is only 45 seconds, half the recommended time.
Studies have shown that a common problem in the UK is that brushing teeth is too aggressive, putting unnecessary pressure on sensitive gums, resulting in permanent tissue loss.
It also increases the risk of damaging the enamel protective layer of the teeth.
Electric toothbrushes are said to ease the problem and improve your brushing skills.
Many features have one
Built-in timer to help users stick to gold
Standard two minutes.
In fact, most dentists now recommend replacement for their patients.
Dr. Murvin Druid of the London beauty Dental Center is one of them.
He said very few patients can brush their teeth and gums well without the help of an electric toothbrush.
The choice is huge, so which one is the best?
One thing is clear: the electric toothbrush is really good.
A 2014 review of 56 studies concluded that electric toothbrushes are better at removing plaque, a sticky film that accumulates on teeth and contains millions of bacteria.
As bacteria build up, they produce acid through food and drinks, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.
Compared to manual brushes, the use of electric devices was associated with a decrease in plaque 11 and 21 after using one to three months.
The device is also considered to reduce the risk of early gum inflammation in gum disease.
But there are so many new ones.
Sharp tooth equipment for only £ 6 on the market-which one should you choose?
There are two main types, some are powered by replaceable batteries, and others are charged on sockets.
The rotating toothbrush has a round head that rotates 8,000 times per minute.
A vibrating or sonic plastic toothbrush moves from one side to the other in a way similar to a manual toothbrush.
These devices pulse at extremely high speeds, destroying and removing patches on the surface of the teeth, and even reaching the most difficult levelto-reach areas.
They also push toothpaste and water into the tooth gap to ensure thorough cleaning.
Both methods are said to be equally effective, and studies have shown that the round head rotation brush is slightly more effective than the sound wave type.
Cheaper brush as good as new mouth
B Genius X is a different electric toothbrush.
The rotating brush with features connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth and changes your mundane bathroom routine.
It uses AI-based on information on how thousands of volunteers brush their teeth-to advise on how to improve your technology.
The motion sensor located inside the brush detects which teeth have been brushed and reveals any spots you may have missed.
This information is transmitted back to the paired mobile app in which the digital image of the mouth is displayed to provide true
Time feedback for cleaning meeting.
After that, you get a percentage score that shows the effect of cleaning your teeth and tracks your performance over time.
Color lighting of brush neck (
Can be personalized according to your mood)
Flashing when brushing your teeth too hard will also let you know when you should start cleaning the next part of your mouth.
If you are as competitive as I am, you will find yourself working harder than ever to concentrate on beating your previous brushing performance.
After testing Genius X, I can confirm what other reviewers have said: It\'s interesting.
So if this makes a thorough dental hygiene procedure very boring, you are more likely to do so on a regular basis.
This must be a good thing.
But does it have an advantage over other models?
I also tested some cheaper toothbrushes on the market to see if they can compete.
Colgate ProClinical 150 toothbrush comes with sonic technology for only £ 18 and comes with two toothbrushes
Make my teeth feel as clean as before.
If you want to spend less, 6 Colgate 360 sonic power toothbrushes feel just as powerful and do it very thoroughly, although there is obviously no timer.
Even experts agree that you don\'t need to break the bank in order to keep your teeth clean.
Dr. Druid said: \"The basic mouth
The B model will be very effective and efficient because the mechanism is basically the same.
The new technology just motivates brush to move on.
But for basic brushing, normal electric mouth --B is terrific.
While those more expensive models are good if you don\'t mind spending money, Dr. Nigel Carter, Chief Executive Officer of the Oral Health Foundation, says even cheaper ones are more effective than manual brushes.
Some lower ones
The rotation frequency of the terminal model is low, so the efficiency will decrease slightly, he said.
\"But I think they will still do better than a manual toothbrush.
Why do we run with bent elbows?
Studies have shown that bending the elbow may be a way to stabilize the head and maintain a good balance.
However, scientists at Harvard University in the United States were surprised to find that running with curved arms and keeping them in unnatural straight positions requires similar energy.
The Harvard research team is planning further experiments to find out why.
Use a fitness bike and spend 25 minutes in the sauna instead of a health hacker to forget.
German scientists found that the high temperature increased the heart rate of participants by 25-minute cycle.
Studies have shown that regular heart rate increases can enhance the heart muscles and reduce the risk of heart disease.
However, researchers warn that people with low blood pressure should be careful when using a sauna.
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