son used father\'s dismembered body parts \'as tv stand\'

by:HongXing     2020-08-17
A man killed him 25-
A court heard that the stone father dismember his body and put the body part into a plastic storage box and then use it as a TV stand.
On June 2013, the body of William Speller was found in a property in the lysey Court, stradman Road, Bournemouth.
His 27-year-old son, Nathan Robinson, denied the murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds that responsibility was reduced.
Prosecutors told the Winchester criminal court that after an argument about money, he killed his father last month.
Prosecution QC Lickley QC told the jury that Mr. Robinson cut the body of his taxi driver\'s father with a Stanley knife, a hacksaw and a saw in their shared apartment.
When Mr. Spiller\'s partner reported his disappearance after he stopped responding to her text message, the police received an alert.
She thought he lived with a friend in West Midlands.
The jury was informed that officials found the remains of Mr. Spiller\'s dismemberment, who was 6 years old and 5 years old, \"neatly packed\" and placed in a plastic box in the apartment.
His head was found in a filing cabinet.
Jury members were shown photos of the apartment, including plastic boxes containing body parts, with TV stacked on top of the box.
Neighbors living below noticed a \"pink liquid\" dripping on the ceiling of the bathroom \".
The jurors were told that the neighbors had heard an argument in their apartment before, and Mr. Speller said in the debate: \"Do you want me to subsidize you for the rest of my life?
\"When he went to investigate the liquid, the defendant opened the door and was described as\" very calm, normal, very collected \".
Mr. Lickley said that Mr. Robinson took at least 7,750 of his father\'s cash and spent up to 300 in Glasgow \"drinking, eating and socializing\" with friends, while sending text messages allegedly from his dead father.
The court said he also paid for a vegetarian weekend hotel in Bristol with a estranged mother from Mr. Spiller.
Mr. Robinson said after being arrested at his mother\'s home in Birmingham: \"Is this a joke?
The court heard it.
The trial continues.
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