Oral B Toothbrush Heads for Power Toothbrushes

by:HongXing     2020-07-06
Charging and battery-
is the best oral care tool.
They can remove dental plaque better than normal manual toothbrushes.
Specifically, oscillation-
Oral B power toothbrush\'s inherent pulse cupping power technology makes brushing teeth better and provides healthier gums by reducing gums.
Charging and battery-
Electric toothbrushes are also very easy to use, as the brushing action is already done by the toothbrush itself, so any physical difficulties in brushing your teeth will be eliminated.
To get the cleaning experience you want, you don\'t have to move the brush back and forth like a normal manual toothbrush.
This is more effective when teaching children to brush their teeth correctly.
However, regardless of the service prospects of Oral B rechargeable batteries and batteries --
The electric toothbrush is provided and everything will be in vain if the toothbrush is not used with the right toothbrush head.
It is better to use only the real mouth B toothbrush head, not the imitation.
Ole B toothbrush heads are specially designed for you to provide you with deep cleaning actions.
A large number of studies have been included in the design of the Oral B toothbrush head, which can only guarantee high quality.
So when you buy a new toothbrush head for your mouth
B. plastic toothbrush, only the mouth B. brush head is your choice. For the Oral-
B Pulsonic series, Ole B
B. The toothbrush head needed for replacement is the mouth-
B Pulsonic electric toothbrush head.
It has a precision bristles that naturally whitens the teeth by polishing the surface stains nearly 94% in just two weeks.
It can better remove plaque, provide effective cleaning, and help achieve healthier gums.
An additional pulse tip replacement head is also included in the package. This Oral-
B. The toothbrush head is designed to be empty and clean and hard-to-reach areas. For other Oral-
B. electric toothbrush. The following are Oral B. toothbrush head: 1. Oral-
B double cleaning with two moving brush heads with indicator bristles to make the cleaning action better.
It\'s hard to clean upto-
Because of its interdental tip and effective gum care help reach the area. 2. Oral-
B. precision cleaning, it has the interdental tip between the tooth and the indicator bristles, it will inform you when you have to change the mouth
B. toothbrush head.
It also massages the gum line because its bristles are dense and better to eradicate the plaque with its advanced bristles system. 3. Oral-
B Pro White, which has a polished cup that helps to whiten teeth naturally better with toothpaste.
It has an external bristles with cupping action around each tooth for better cleaning. 4. Oral-
B Ortho, it has an orthodontic bristles decoration specially designed for teeth with braces and other orthodontic appliances.
It permeates between braces and cleans in depth. 5. Oral-
B. sensitive, with an extra soft indicator bristles, the plaque on the teeth can be gently removed. 6. Oral-
B. Power Tip, bristles with clearance design for cleaning between teeth and around orthodontic appliances.
It provides clean electricity. to-
Reach the area of the mouth. 7. Oral-
B Dental floss action, it has micro-pulse bristles, gently removes dental floss from the surface of the tooth, and cleans dental floss between teeth like dental floss.
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