Oral B 4000 Vs 5000 - What\'s the Difference Between the Oral B Pro 4000 & 5000?

by:HongXing     2020-07-05
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Should I buy an Oral B 4000 or?
Look at the two premium in detail (best selling)
-Ole B-
Accuracy 4000 and accuracy 5000-
By highlighting their similarities and differences in aspects, specifications, and functionality.
Ultimately, it gives you a clear idea of what each model can offer--
With it, you can easily determine what model is the best (
About your cleaning needs)
In terms of performance &xa0\"Bang Buck for It \"(
By taking into account the respective price tags).
Installation technology accuracy 4000: \"Advanced\" pulsating oscillation technology | 3-
D motion | accuracy 5000: advanced pulsating oscillation technology | 3-
D Sports | both high-end electric toothbrushes are integrated with the same (
#1 recommended by dentist)3D technology -
Contains 3 Processespulsations (40,000 per min)
Oscillation and rotation (8,800 combined)
This allows the toothbrush to break the liquid into the smallest gap between the teeth. Which (
Combined strokes)
As a result, nearly 100% of harmful plaques were removed (
In your mouth)
Polish your teeth (
By removing stains)
Stimulate the gums (
Prevent gum inflammation and healing/prevent other gum problems such as bleeding, inflammation, regression, etc. )--
Let it really provide the best oral cleaning service (
Recently, Oral B toothbrushes have proved to be more effective than other leading Sonic technologiesg.
Sonicare of Philips).
Important Tips:xa0In several clinical studiesnon-
Endorsed by Oral B. I.
They are independent. -
Such as Robinson and others. , 2005)
Oral B toothbrushes are classified as superior to manual toothbrushes and other brand electric toothbrushes in all aspects of oral cleaning. Oral-
B professional health cleaning Prowhite Precision 4000 rechargeable plastic toothbrush 1 yuan price: $114. 66Buy Now(
Prices as of April 25, 2014)
Cleaning performance accuracy 4000:xa0Whitening | whitening (& Mode)
| Hard brush | sensitive | massage | Precision 5000: whitening | whitening (& Mode)
| Hard brushing | sensitive | massage | 3x pressure control | deep cleaning | smart guide both electric toothbrushes also encourage correct and optimal cleaning by ensuring you apply the right pressure (
Don\'t brush your teeth too hard, otherwise you are basically doing the redundancy process when you wear the bristles)-
So the indicator is installed-i)
Where you get a visible warning and ii)
The Pulse will stop (
With 5000, the smart guide will also tell you ---
A triple pressure control system is formed).
They also have a set of specific cleaning modes installed, each designed to address specific oral problems you may encounter, as shown below: whitening mode: act as a polishing mechanism (
By changing the speed of the toothbrush)
Produce a more \"glowing smile \".
Sensitive mode: simulate \"gentle\" and \"soft\" cleaning to make it more tolerable for people who are sensitive to teeth and gums.
Massage mode: directly \"stimulate\" the gums (
Massage effect)--
Clinically proven, gum health improves significantly during the weeks of regular use.
The 5000 also comes with an additional \"deep cleaning\" mode ---
This basically extends the standard and basic cleaning for a minute (
45 seconds per quadrant)
Basically more thorough cleaning. Oral-
B. Professional Health cleaning floss action Precision 5000 charging electric toothbrush Amazon price: $133 in 1 country. 12Buy Now(
Prices as of April 25, 2014)
Practical function accuracy of 4000: 10 days running time | timer | charging indicator (Visual)
| Accuracy 5000:xa010 days running time | timer | charging indicator (Visual)
| Smart guide/digital clock |xa0They all ran for 10 days (i.
Use e20 from morning and evening)
24 hour charge-(
You can do it by the charging station provided)
Make them potential ideas for people who are walking around for work.
In addition, they have timer devices installed. -
This ensures that you brush a different oral quadrant every 30 seconds so you can get a full (
2 minutes recommended by dentist)
And the average distribution is clean.
5000 also comes with a smart guide to let you know when cleaningg.
If you brush your teeth too hard, how long are you left without cleaning etc.
Brush head 4000:xa0Oral B Dental floss action brush head |xa0Bristle indicator | Precision 5000:xa0Oral B Dental floss action brush head | brush indicator | Oral B brush head is specially designed (
Large number of professional dentistput)
Rounded/contoured, so suitable for the nature and curvature of your teeth-
This allows for more comfortable and efficient cleaning (particularly)
In the removal of plaque and so on.
They also have a bristles indicator to let you know when your brush head needs to be replaced (
Not ideal now due to wear). Oral-
B. Amazon price of 4 yuan for professional neighboring brush kit replacement brush head: $19. 94Buy Now(
Prices as of April 25, 2014)
Although, both 4000 and 5000 are equipped with dental floss action head toothbrushes (
This is basically equipped with extra micro-fiber bristles, able to get to those difficult places when brushing your teeth)--
Oral B also offers a range of other brush head types, so you can customize your Oral cleaning experience specifically (yet further).
For example, there are pro
The white brush head is \"more effective\" in removing tooth stains, a sensitive brush head with extra soft bristles, the adjacent brush head is designed for those who brush their teeth with braces, and more.
You will receive a 24 month warranty on the day of purchase (on both modes)
Including the cost of labor and parts-
Also, if you are not satisfied with the product (
Or not happy with it)
You have 60 days to return it and get all your money back.
Size and weight10. 4 x 9. 4 x 3.
2 inch | 1 poundsxa0--5000 xa0-8. 7 x 10. 4 x 3. 2 inches ; 2.
What\'s in the box (package)Accuracy 4000-
\"1 handle, 1 charger, 1 ProWhite Pen, 1 refill holder and 1 suitcase.
\"Precision 5000-
\"1 handle, 1 charger, 1 Dental Action Pen, 1 refill holder, 1 suitcase and 1 Smart Guide.
Average rating of reviews (sourced Amazon. com)
Accuracy 4000: 4.
3 out of 5 stars (86%)
From 400 comments.
Accurate 5000:xa04.
5 out of 5 stars (90%)
From 1,000 comments.
Conclusion: If you do buy Oral B 4000 or Oral B 4000, the only practical difference between Pro 5000 and Pro is that the latter comes with an additional brush pattern --
Deep cleaning-(
In fact, you can finish 4000 by brushing your teeth a minute more)
Smart Guide (
This basically tells you the information you already know, even though it\'s actually decent --
It also tells time, it\'s always a reward)
$10 extra-$15.
So I might choose Model 5000-
Because you basically paid a little extra cash for the digital clock installed on the wall, which helps your cleaning (
It will not have any direct impact on better oral cleaning
But it will prove more useful).
But anyway--
You are choosing a great toothbrush that will provide you with high quality oral cleaning.
Also, be sure to check our recommended ToothbrushOral-
B. price of 1 yuan for precision black 7000 rechargeable electric toothbrush: $219. 00Buy Now(
Prices as of April 25, 2014)
Which Oral B precision electric toothbrush will you buy & why in the end, if you have any questions, comments or general concerns/questions about the comparison account for both electric toothbrushes-
Oral B precision 4000 vs 5000--
Or regarding any model, please do not hesitate to make it in the comments section below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
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