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by:HongXing     2020-06-19
The storage may not be sexy, but it may be a savior in the kitchen.
What we are talking about is not cabinets and cabinets-fixed storage designed into the kitchen-but the things in the jars, jars and jars, plastic containers used to store food.
Why is food storage so important?
There are two reasons.
First of all, how do we store food and store food to make sure the food is kept fresh and safe.
Anything you use to store your food should be clean, airtight, with no scratches (plastic)or chips (
Glass and Ceramics).
Sounds like No.
Look at your own collection and you may find an old take-out container (or two)
There is a lid that can\'t hold back, or there is a glass jar on top of a rusty metal.
The second reason is reason.
The clever storage of food means that you can find it quickly, avoid buying duplicate food, and not throw it away because the food is hidden behind the refrigerator with a mildew beard.
Think about what space you have available and what ingredients you use most often.
If you are a person who is passionate about baking, then be sure to prepare a shelf or two for flour, baking soda, flour and other things.
However, if baking is a once-a-year activity, consider packaging all baking base materials into a sealed plastic box and storing them in a cabinet that is more difficult to reach.
It will free up the space in your kitchen and also means that you know the exact location of everything when you need it.
Better yet, check the inventory so you can see at a glance if you have icing or bread powder before you rush frantically to the store.
Spices can take up a lot of space, so make a trim first to get rid of any old ones-take a quick look and sniff and you\'ll be able to see if they \'ve seen better days.
Decide if you need any spices on the counter when cooking, or if you\'re happy to put them in the cupboard.
The closer they are, the more you will use them.
But if you don\'t want them on the countertop, maybe it\'s full for a spice shelf.
They went from glass tubes with cork to magnetic walls --mounted racks.
There are also stackable universal shelves, which create extra levels within the cabinet shelves so you can store spices or other small containers and find them easier.
Next, think about the material.
Plastic has its champion-most of it can be recycled when its mission is over, its fridge is safe and you have a lot of options in style and size.
But plastic also has its de-breaker.
Avoid the use of plastics containing double phenol A or double phenol A, which will be transferred to A place that imitates human hormones.
For safety reasons, select a plastic container labeled BPA-
If you want to go further, do not wash the plastic container with microwave oven and hand. A smart BPA-
The free production line for plastic containers comes from Lock & Lock.
These containers have four hinges that can be locked to form a seal.
The company says their containers can be opened and closed more than 3 million times without breaking or breaking;
It is enough for an ordinary family.
They can easily be stacked in the fridge so you can use your precious fridge property more effectively.
In addition, they have luggage of all sizes, ranging from 140 ml to 10 lbs, which looks like twice as much as the weekend holiday luggage.
If you want to buy Glass then there is a clip for Pyrex
Cover line called Cook & Go.
The glass container can be re-heated in the microwave from the oven to the refrigerator and freezer.
The dishwasher is safe and does not scratch and stain.
The Kilner series clip top jar is a smart choice for countertop and refrigerator storage.
These are classic save jars, but they are also a pleasure for general storage.
The square jar is especially convenient as you can maximize the number in the cabinet.
They come in many sizes, so you can store everything from flour to tea, coffee to granola.
For the table top selection, Kilner also has a range of push top cans that are ideal for dry ingredients or biscuits and grains.
They have a strong silicone push top seal so the food stays fresh and the glass or ceramic has a great retro look.
Another ceramic storage option that helps keep the worktop clean and messy comes from Mason Cash.
Bakewell is their latest collection with cream and light blue, or you can choose the cream and soft brown of the original sugar cane collection, which echoes their classic mix and pudding bowl
Either way, they are sturdy and simple and will tick on a lot of storage boxes.
While ceramics, tin, glass and plastic are common materials for storing containers, they are not the only option.
The range of Typhoon Nubu is made of bamboo fiber.
Bamboo has a strong ecological quality because it can be harvested every three years without destroying plants or the environment.
It is also biodegradable.
The smart product on this line includes a bread box with a lid that can act as a cutting board.
There is also a compost tank where food residues can be neatly stored in the compost pile and two storage containers of different sizes are stored in cream or red. Imagine a Zen
Just like the countertop arranged with these containers, suddenly the storage looks sexy.
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