how to install the casters on a craftsman tool box

by:HongXing     2020-08-15
Whether you transform the kitchen or maintain your garden tractor, your work will become easier when the tools you need can easily be close to where you work.
The large tool box is equipped with casters for easy movement.
The mobile tool cabinet not only improves work efficiency, but also helps to minimize tool dislocation.
Install casters correctly on your professional range of artisan rollers-
Leaving will allow your tools to move almost effortlessly.
Lock the empty drawer of the toolbox and fix the drop
The panel in the closed position.
Protect the finish from scratches by placing the carpet or packaging from the carton. The box is placed on the ground, and the box can be placed on it when the box is inverted.
Put the box on it.
Place the caster corner plate at the bottom of the cabinet.
Flange Face with angle-
Face each other with the angle inside the board.
Check the hole alignment through the corner plate to ensure proper placement.
Place the casters on the corner board, and both swivel casters are placed on the same end of the cabinet, above the handle.
Pass the Supplied screws through the caster base and corner plate and tighten them.
Put the box back in its upright position.
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