Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Snow scooters and fully automatic toothbrushes

by:HongXing     2020-08-06
At any given moment, there will be countless different crowdfunding campaigns on the Web.
Check out Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you\'ll find that there\'s no shortage of weird, useless and downright stupid projects-and some real gems.
We have broken through the fidgety carousel and janky iPhones and completed the most unusual, ambitious and exciting new crowdfunding project this week.
That is to say, please keep in mind that any crowdfunding project
Even the most kind
May fail, so do good homework before checking your dream gadget.
Amazon recently launched an Amazon Key-
A service that allows the delivery personnel to enter your house and place the package inside so that they can safely
Known as the \"porch pirate\", it\'s also called the asshole who steals what\'s left at your doorstep.
What is the only problem with Amazon\'s approach?
Well, you have to get the delivery guy inside your house.
This has caused obvious concern for most of us.
But what if there is a way to protect your package from thieves without allowing strangers to enter your house?
This is the goal of BoxLock Home.
This device is essentially an Internet. connected, app-
Enable padlock with barcode scanner.
You need to provide your own lock box, but after that it is very simple to use.
Upon arrival, your delivery staff simply open the lock and use it to scan the package they wish to deliver.
BoxLock will unlock as long as the package is legal and is scheduled to be delivered on the same day-
Thus allowing the delivery person to put it in your box and re-
Lock the padlock, lock it.
Please check the video for details.
Is it difficult to sleep at night?
You\'re not alone.
Millions of people around the world suffer from some form of lack of sleep, and a large proportion of the population report difficulty sleeping.
For most people, the answer is sleeping pills or other drugs that will keep you awake at night.
But what if you can achieve the same effect without adding unnecessary chemicals to the body?
Well, that\'s exactly what Somnox is aiming.
This is a soft pillow.
It\'s like a robot with rhythmic breathing and calm sound that makes you fall asleep.
\"Our company was founded at the Robotics Institute at Delphi university of technology,\" Julian Jagtenberg, one of the Netherlands --
The founder of Somnox told Luke dolmel of Digital Trends in an interview.
\"As four robot engineers, we want to create a soft robot that can solve personal problems: lack of sleep.
Jagtenberg said the team was initially looking for a solution to the problem, but most of them seem to involve medication --
Addictive side effects sometimes occur.
\"This is the moment the Somnox sleep robot was born,\" he said . \".
A few years ago, a startup called Power practice launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign for a multi-purpose LED light called Luminoodle.
About a year after its first launch, the company returned to Kickstarter with two new fixtures that were brighter and more colorful than ever before.
But the electricity did not actually stop.
This week, the company launched another noodle on Kickstarter --
Like LED lights.
This is by far the smartest and most versatile.
The task of Luminoodle, which is called, is \"anultra-
Thin, curved, 3,600-
Lumens working lights, packing, magnets and snakes where you need them most.
\"Unlike its predecessors, both ends of the mission lights are equipped with magnets, along with a pair of oversized coils, which makes it easy to hang, secure and reposition during flight.
It\'s basically the most flexible and portable working light ever.
\"We designed the Luminoodle task to bend it to your will, stick it to any metal surface, pack small and convenient, fill any room with natural material --looking, feel-
\"The light is good,\" the creators explained on Kickstarter.
Tired of all the squeeze, scrub, spit, rinse, gargle and floss needed to keep the pearl white clean?
For decades, electric toothbrushes have been the only way you can do this slightly laborious task.
However, while these auto-oscillating tooth washes are definitely a step in the right direction, they still do not eliminate all the boredom and time consumption during the brushing process.
What if there was a way to do the same job, reach the same level of cleaning, and do it in a small amount of time?
Enter the Unico toothbrush, the first fully automatic toothbrush (allegedly)
Finish the job in three seconds and give you more time to do . . . . . . Well, there\'s anything else.
This is how it works.
The device itself is essentially a huge, hairy mouthpiece.
You put it in your mouth first and open it, at which point it will oscillate at a very high frequency and scrub your pearl white with a series of moving bristles.
When this happens, Micro
The built-in access to the braces sends the toothpaste directly to where it is needed.
It is said that the whole process takes only three seconds, claiming that it will thoroughly clean your teeth as if it were normal to brush your teeth.
What do you get when you mix skis, mountain bikes and Razor scooters?
We don\'t know the answer to this question.
But we assume that if such an unholy alliance is completed, the resulting offspring may look much like this absurd device of gravity scooters.
Basically the most cheated.
Snow scooter you \'ve seen.
Big handle, wide standing platform and low learning curve, \"Snow-
The White moment allows you to enjoy the wonderful feeling of skiing, snowboarding and boarding without the experience of skiing or cycling before.
\"We have created a snow kit that can be installed on the mountain gravity scooter brand,\" Judith Garcia, general manager of gravity scooter, said in an interview with Digital Trends.
\"With our snow scooter, you can surf on the mountain or practice muxing [
Tie your dog to it and use it]
Like a sled.
\"During the offseason, snow can also be converted into a road scooter by changing skis to wheels.
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