Arthritis Aids for Brushing Teeth

by:HongXing     2020-07-07
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Good dental care is always important, but especially if you have arthritis. The May-
The Arthritis Foundation today, June 2008, warned that bacteria in the mouth may enter the blood, causing inflammation and arterial blockage.
They quoted Michael F as suggesting you keep your mouth clean.
Roizen, MD, chief health officer at the Cleveland Clinic Health Institute, said, \"regular dental floss can make your real age reach 6. 4 years young\" (
The real age is the physical age of your body. )
So how do you brush your teeth with arthritis hands? There are several options, including an plastic toothbrush, a handle to enlarge the standard toothbrush, and a large toothbrush
If you have a problem using a small plastic toothbrush, the plastic toothbrush will be very convenient.
Just hold the base and the bristles will turn automatically so your joints don\'t have to be brushed.
When purchasing an electric toothbrush, consider the availability of the refill.
If you buy cheap and buy a lot of refill at the same time, you will definitely buy it.
I really liked the smaller brush in the photo, it was cheap and bought at the grocery store.
By the time I went back to get the refill, this particular brush was gone.
Since then, I have heard from many people who have had similar experiences.
So I bought a bigger brush and it was a lot more expensive, but it was made by a company dedicated to supporting their products on an ongoing basis.
I believe that at the time of purchase, I \'d better buy cheap brushes and stock up on the refill while they are still available.
The lower side of the electric toothbrush is heavier than the \"manual\" toothbrush.
I found the extra weight to bother me more than brushing my teeth, so I went back to brushing my teeth manually. Non-
As shown above, the electric toothbrush is made with different handle sizesxa0From the small on the left to the large on the right, the original toothbrush with a radius is still in the package.
Although I can\'t hold on to a standard
Large size toothbrush, because the handle with smaller diameter needs too tight grip
The processing is manageable for me.
When I get arthritis, my first way is to enhance the handle of the toothbrush I am using.
This can be done with rubber bands or copper pipe insulation, or with plastic handles made for this purpose.
While these solutions are good for pens and pencils, I\'m not sure if I can fully keep the hygiene on my toothbrush over time, so I changed the bigger one --
Instead, handle the brush.
Find a large toothbrush-
Enough handles can be frustrating.
Every time I go to the grocery store, the model of the toothbrush seems to have changed and no particular brand or product name consistently offers a large handle.
I had to check all the available options in the store at the time I was ready to buy to find the biggest handle.
Finally, I found a toothbrush that was perfect for me and I have been using it since then.
I bought a huge one-
Handle the original toothbrush Radius throughout the food, but they are also available online.
This brush is ergonomic.
Design, very easy to grasp, and it\'s all right-Left and left
The same size as the child, there are different versions.
The handle is very large and formed to fit so tightly-
Don\'t need a fist.
Its head is bigger than the standard toothbrush and I\'m not sure if I will like it or not.
However, I found that because the head of the brush is too large, it doesn\'t take much movement to get to all my teeth.
Although the Radius brush is much larger than the standard toothbrush, it is not very heavy.
The longer I use my toothbrush, the more I like it.
This is my favorite toothbrush because even if my fingers have arthritis, it is the easiest one for me to use.
For other ways to make life easier for arthritis patients, see these links:xa0Despite arthritis, squeeze a tube of toothpastexa0Arthritis adjuvant therapy for dental floss){if (typeof jQuery ! = \"undefined\"){
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