Amazon has this Oral-B electric toothbrush on sale with an extra coupon, saving you $135

by:HongXing     2020-07-13
If your dentist is always grumpy when you check, then you should probably do your brushing better. The Oral-
The B. Genius Pro 8000 plastic toothbrush can help you make the most of your smile for $179.
94, 35% lower than Amazon\'s price tag.
However, the online retailer is offering a \"clip and redeem\" coupon for $40 off the sale price.
Note: this additional discount is only available for selected Amazon Prime members.
You must click on the coupon box to see if you are eligible for the coupon.
The price is now $139. 94, the Oral-
B. Genius Pro 8000 is the company\'s flagship electric toothbrush with six brushing pressure modes
Including daily cleaning, gum care, sensitivity, whitening, etc.
Two more-
The dentist\'s minute timer recommends synchronizing the brushing time via Bluetooth with the smartphone.
See also: according to an online review of battery life over two weeks, this electric toothbrush is connected directly to your Android or iOS smartphone
B\'s brush app, which uses \"location detection\" to identify areas where your mouth has the most attention and the least attention in your morning routine.
Now you can get real
Time guidance and feedback on your brushing skills and tips on how to brush your teeth more effectively. The Oral-
The B. Genius Pro 8000 is also equipped with a smart suitcase, so the electric toothbrush stays charged whenever you need to clean your mouth and is ready to leave.
But don\'t just believe what we say.
Amazon customer \"Cal\" wrote: Oral-
B. genius Pro 8000 electric toothbrush-$139.
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