8 best electric toothbrushes

by:HongXing     2020-07-27
Good dental hygiene is not only good for your health and smile, but can also save a lot of money on your dentist\'s bills.
While most of us know that electric toothbrushes can help us keep our teeth healthy and have such a wide range of options at so many different price points, it\'s hard to know where to start.
Unfortunately, this is not just a case of switching to electric;
If you want to improve your dental hygiene, it is important to find the right brush for you.
Many electric toothbrushes offer different settings, apps, and timers to tell you when to brush your teeth long enough-two minutes longer than you think! From the high-
For travel or children, this is the lowest price for the best brushes on the market.
If James Bond had an electric toothbrush, it might have looked like this.
This is a serious device with multiple brushing and cleaning modes with some awesome smart features.
You can personalize your dental goals (whiter etc)
Then track your progress through the iconicareapp, which means you can adjust your teeth at your own pace.
It is also equipped with aUSBtravel casefor when you leave.
When it comes to this, it is not possible and one of them will cost you the price of your holiday.
It\'s expensive, but it\'s a good investment if you\'re interested in technology.
Buy an plastic toothbrush now. it\'s not a brush, it\'s a kit.
With 4 brush heads and 6 brush head modes (
Including pro-cleaning, whitening, gum care, sensitive)
Even your smartphone has a stand.
The app has a feature called location detection that uses facial recognition to guide your brushing time and location.
It\'s a cool idea, but the app is a bit moody.
Still, it\'s fun to brush your teeth.
When you brush your teeth too hard, it will also let you know and adjust the pressure. Gums,rejoice!
Buy it now, not as good as technology.
Advance as a genius;
Again, this is just a small part of the price.
Colgate ProClinical 250 is very simple and supereasy to use.
It also does a good job: teeth are cleaner than using non-teeth
Although the brush does not offer some of the more expensive brush bragging features, it is easy to take away as there are fewer accessories to look around.
A great choice for pop-up electric toothbrushes to carry.
Buy now this is the cheapest brush test and obviously it\'s not a competition for big boys.
But it\'s a nice little brush.
Dinky, it\'s easy to tuck into a handbag or even a pocket, plus, it does a great job of refreshing the mouth and it works to solve the tongue problem.
It\'s either a cheap home plastic toothbrush or an expensive travel option, both of which apply for money.
Perfect after
Work review if you have a date-size caution means you\'ll also sneak through the office gossip!
It\'s sexy to buy this now.
A beautifully designed toothbrush that looks like an adultup, non-
Gender specific color (
Pink and Blue are gone! ).
It comes with its own toothpaste and a quirky manual that shows you how to brush your teeth and the option to sign up for a subscription service to change your head and paste.
The brush itself stands with others within its price range, although it could have done a little more on places and tongues that are harder to reach.
The only thing that was really disappointing was the toothpaste which didn\'t give that Post
Finish brushing minty.
All in all, it is also a good bystander to finish the work.
Buy it now. it\'s a super.
Stylish travel or handbag options, with a variety of cool designs from Ziggy to googleopard.
It won\'t be too serious. it doesn\'t matter as long as you don\'t.
It\'s soft so it doesn\'t feel as effective as others, though the dentist may argue that it\'s actually better for your teeth.
While this is a great little travel brush, it is actually quite expensive if purchased just for this purpose.
It\'s a good design, but that\'s all about it during the trip, almost half the price.
That is to say, this is the most beautiful little brush for traveling.
Scandis is interested in fashion minimalist design, another example of innovation.
Its root shape looks uncomfortable, but it actually feels very comfortable and has more control over the head.
It\'s also practical, the head only needs to be changed once a year, much better than most other models, saving money a year --on-year.
It has a softer outer brush that protects the sensitive gums while the inner bristles are still hard on the plaque.
The price is quite expensive, but the longer it takes
It becomes a real value, gorgeous brush.
The best way to buy your teeth now is to start with youth, a great way for small \"kids\" who like to play the app-kids can also brush cute teeth --
Small animals with purple eyes sparkled when brushing their teeth.
It is also equipped with a convenient timer that encourages children to brush their teeth longer, plus extra pulses per minute to make up for technical deficiencies.
With the choice of design and the help of fluffy monsters, this is a great way to start a good dental hygiene habit early on.
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is an absolute winner in fashion and easy to use.
A little less cash, Foreo Issa 2 is even more stylish and looks super beautiful.
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